Rob U, You Know? Anonymous Author Alleges Howard University Employees Embezzled $1 Million In Financial Aid Funds

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Article Accuses Howard Employees Of $1 Million Theft

We have no idea whether this account of wrongdoing at Howard University is credible in any way, shape or form, but it has certainly raised more than a few eyebrows online.

The following article was published on Medium by an anonymous author who claims to have evidence that employees at the iconic HBCU stole $1 million in financial aid money that was supposed to help students realize their dreams.

It is alleged that there was a massive embezzlement scam taking place at the school from 2013-2017 across several departments and many more employees. The author also charges University president Wayne Fredrick with having knowledge of the theft since last May, yet never making the crimes known.

A whistleblower, whose named was changed to “Chase”, found several inconsistencies in the school’s financial records. Those inconsistencies appear to point to unusually large grants and stipends that were given to two employees, Associate Director of Financial Aid, Brian Johnson and student-employee Tyrone Hankerson, under suspicious circumstances. The men are said to have received nearly $200,000 and $429,612 respectively.

We highly suggest reading the piece in full to see the details of these allegations.

After nearly a day of letting this story marinate, school president Fredrick has responded. See what he has to say on the flip side.

So, it’s true. There was a massive embezzlement scandal at HU. That only leads to more questions. Was it really on six employees? Why didn’t president Fredrick ever mention this prior? This whole thing is shady as hell.

It be ya own people…

While this is no laughing matter, the reactions on Twitter are as hilarious as they are petty. Flip it over a few times.

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