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Sheriff Indicted For Plotting Cop’s Murder Over Racist Recordings

There is no honor among thieves and most definitely not amongst pigs.

According to a Washington Post article, Granville County, North Carolina Sheriff Brindell Wilkins conspired to have one of his officers killed after learning that said officer had recordings of him making extremely racist remarks. Monday, Sheriff Wilkins was federally indicted.

Wilkins is charged with two felony counts of obstruction of justice charges for his failure to arrest the unnamed person or report the threat on Freeman’s life, and for also allegedly giving the man advice about how to get away with the killing.

Wilkins reportedly told the unnamed would-be shooter “The only way you gonna stop him is kill him,” although the murder never came to be.

According to the indictment, Wilkins found out in 2014 that Joshua Freeman claimed to have a recording of the sheriff using “racially offensive language,” and that the deputy planned to publicly reveal the tape and turn it over to authorities in Raleigh. It’s unclear what Wilkins might have said on that alleged tape or what became of the recording.

The sheriff went on to counsel the shooter about exactly how to get away with murder.

He had two major pieces of advice for the would-be gunman. First, don’t let police find the murder weapon. “You ain’t got the weapon, you ain’t got nothing to go on,” Wilkins allegedly said.

And second, don’t talk. “The only way we find out these murder things is people talk,” Wilkins allegedly said. “You can’t tell nobody nothin’, not a thing.”

Wilkins, who is inexplicably still the Sheriff, is also under investigation for shady biz in the drug unit.


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