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Egypt And Sam Talk To Bossip About Their Baeship

This season of “Growing Up Hip Hop” has spent a lot of time following Sam as he plans his proposal to Egypt. The couple have faced their fair share of opposition from her cousin Tee Tee and friend Briana but their love has endured. Check out our exclusive with the happy couple below:

Q: You have those who are the happy for you and others who don’t approve. Who would you say have been the most supportive and the least supportive?

Egypt: My parents have definitely been the most supportive. And the least supportive have been Tee Tee and Briana, the people who don’t want to see me grow up and become the woman I want to be. Mainly Tee Tee, I think she’s worried about losing me.
Sam: They’re both haters.

Egypt: I’ll call Briana a hater all day.
Sam: Briana is a hater. Tee Tee is a … weirdo.
Egypt: Tee Tee is that overprotective cousin/sister that doesn’t want to see me get hurt.
Sam: She’s trying to be nice about it.
Egypt: Yeah I am trying to be nice about it.
You can see we do the good cop, bad cop. It’s hard bc I love Sam and I love my family and before I met Sam all my life I always was like man I can’t wait til I meet the guy I’m going to marry and he meets my family because they’re REALLY awesome. They’ve always been awesome but it’s like the second that happened it wasn’t at all like what I thought it was going to be like and it was disappointing to be honest bc I know that he hasn’t done anything that was wrong and they took it to the extreme. Except my parents. Like I said they’ve been the most supportive.

Egypt, How do you feel about Briana calling you a toddler?

Egypt: I never mind when anyone calls me a child because I’m growing and I understand yeah I’m young but when you’re saying it in an insulting way or as if I have no experience knowing I actually do. That’s when it gets insulting because now you’re just trying me. You’ve been around me and seen how mature I am and we have all hung out and Briana has never pulled me to the side like ‘hey I really don’t like him’. She just is being extra.

Sam: You should ask Briana, how does it feel to be an adult with no achievements while she is calling her a toddler?

Egypt did it bother you that your ring came from a pawn shop?

Egypt: This is the thing. Whether it was at a pawn shop or not, materialistic things don’t matter when it comes to love. No matter what you put in whether money or whatever it has no ties to how people feel about each other. If you really love each other that’s all that matters. It’s not about the ring that you get from somebody that says hey this is how much I love you. It’s about the actual connection that you have with them and what you go through together and how you grow together. That’s why I am like whether the case people can think it is – it doesn’t bother me because we love each other at the end of the day. We have been together for two years and we’re happy together.

Do you understand everyone’s concerns about Sam having two children already?

Egypt: Of course. That’s the thing. People think because I’m only 21 that I don’t see alot but everything people are saying I understand that they’re worried. Everything they’re concerned about I’m going to end up with somebody that’s not meant for me and that I’m going to be tied up with somebody that has all these problems. Sam told me about his kids literally they day that I met him. The day we first hung out he gave me a chance to say ‘hey yeah I still choose you and I will continue this relationship.’ He didn’t wait until I fell in love with him to say hey by the way i was worried to tell you this I have kids. Everything we wanted each other to know that could have been a dealbreaker we told each other the first day because why waste each other’s time. He’s not in it for clout. He’s not in this relationship using me. Of course I understand people’s concern. They’re like ‘you’re 21’ but its a decision I made for myself. I don’t make decisions without thinking them through. I’m a Virgo. I think everything through. I think about everything beforehand and I’m like let me see this combination arc. Not that I’ve been with them but people have tried to get at me that had a kid of their own and just off their energy I was like ‘hmmm no, I’m not feeling you anyway. I won’t jump into something that I don’t feel I was emotionally or physically prepared to do.

What’s the age difference for you two?

Egypt: I’m 21. Sam is 26. It’s not a big deal. People thinking I am dealing with somebody that is ten years older than me. No.

Do you have any problem with your mom’s request that you wait a year or two for your wedding?

Egypt: If you’re saying long like years and years then no, I don’t want to do that; but if you’re saying a year or two that’s reasonable. Its no rush. I know people know about the whole eloping thing but we didn’t elope. It was just s whole thing saying you’re supporting me I need you to be here with me. You’re my family. And my mom and dad actually have seen Sam and said youre actually a good dude but it doesn’t matter if we wait a year and a half. It doesn’t matter if we are marrief or engaged bc we are still going to have the same love for each other.

You’ve talked about getting out of your parents shadow. Has the show helped?

Egypt: The show definitely gave me a platform that I can use my voice through. I honestly feel like I was always motivated and determined to do something but there was like things in me that didn’t do everything I could. I thought I was but that wasn’t the case. When I was on the show it showed me I could do more. It helped me push myself more like, ‘Hey I’m on a platform now.’ I do have to show myself and people that I’m capable of being in my parents shoes because they have big shoes to fill and I always knew that. There was no pressure but I think I was slacking a little bit because you know debating hmmm can I do this but now its like girl god put you in that womb for a reason. He put me in my mamas womb for a reason. And it was to be whether I was in the entertainment business whether I was a doctor whether I was whatever. It was just to show a certain situation you can still be who you are and become who you want to be. That’s been my goal ever since and I do believe the show helped me with that giving me a voice and giving me a platform.

Can we just say how much we love how Egypt has matured? She’s grown up on the show right before our eyes but we totally understand her parents not being concerned about her relationship with Sam because she seems so well adjusted.

Tune in to WeTV at 9pm tonight to watch “Growing Up Hip Hop” and see Sam pop the question!


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