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Pastor Troy/ Lil Nas X

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What if people minded they business and vica versa

Pastor Troy Targets Lil Nas X In Headazz Homophobic Rant About Grammys & Applebees

Atlanta’s Peters Street savant Pastor Troy needs a bit of a reality check. The ATL rapper who cranked out hits like 1999’s “No Mo Play In G.A.”, 2001’s “Vica Versa” and 2002’s “Are We Cuttin’, somehow felt threatened by Lil Nas X’s sexuality so much so, that he likened it as the reason the fellow ATLien took home Grammys.

“Welp, Guess I won’t be winning a GRAMMY…If this what I gotta wear,” Troy captioned a pic of Nas’ hot pink Grammys look.

That’s not all, however. The “Rhonda” relic ranted ridiculously about his son shunning gay men he saw eating mozzarella sticks at Applebees. A “proud” P. Troy then went on and on about the “gay agenda” targeting black men.

“They love to push this s–t on Our Kids!! The other day @applebees had some punks kissing and laughing eating mozzarella sticks. First Thing My 14 yr old Son said was, ‘F**** Applebee’s’ And It Brought Joy to My Heart!! He sees it…their agenda to take the masculinity from Men, Black Men Especially.”

The rant went on, “Y’all Better open that 3rd Eye and let your Sons Know What Is Real…Or They A** Gone Be Headed Down That Old Town Road Foreal!!~P.T.,” adding hashtags “#BlackOwnedandIndependent #NotMySons #ItAintWorthIt #Taketheroadlesstraveled #Youwillstillgetthere #DSGB and #Wontbeonmypagelong.”


He later doubled down on his rant with a video calling gay men “f****ts.”

“It worked. It worked perfectly ‘cos now all these f****ts on my page and they wanna fight me,” wrote Troy.

That wrasslin’ belt’s cutting off the oxygen to your head Pastor, you’re not getting a Grammy because you haven’t cranked out a hit since the early 2000s, not cause you’re straight. DASSIT.

He’s since scrubbed his page clean of his homophobic rants but he’s still getting dragged. He also was D.S.G.B. destroyed by Lil Nas X himself who didn’t give him a puff of smoke he so desperately wanted. Instead he wrote, “damn i look good in that pic on god.”


See more of Pastor Troy’s headazz homophobia on the flip.



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