Summer Walker Faces Backlash For Racist Coronavirus Post On Instagram

Summer Walker Is Getting BLASTED For This Racist Coronavirus Post On IG

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The coronavirus is no joke. The disease is spreading at rapid pace and is threatening to reach pandemic levels in no time. The disease, of course, started in China, and has caused plenty of passive racism about Asian people and a stigma about them carrying this disease. The racism of these messages are hurtful and dangerous.

Popular singer, Summer Walker, has been battling with social anxiety. She stays to herself and tries to be quiet. However, she posted a truly hateful clip that accuses Chinese people of spreading the disease without concern. The problem is, the video is two years old. It’s also straight up ignorant.

Walker appeared to defend her post, but she still got destroyed on Twitter for it.

The reactions are deservedly rough. Take a look…

Fans have tried to defend her shenanigans but they are struggling to do so after this latest insensitive gaff.

@jacob_bellevue: It’s so hard being a Summer Walker fan when she keeps doing dumb a$$ s***

Of course, her recent alleged nose job is always fair game for people looking to shoot her down. This latest only made that more apparent.

@miskeencore: summer walker, whose hygiene got dragged recently for taking “cat baths”, should be the last person to flap her mouth spewing xenophobia over the coronavirus

@TheAshLeon: summer walker is just…………. yall keep giving her pass after pass in the name of social anxiety when it’s really her unrelated shitty takes that are concerning af. the girl has no tact or decorum and gives no f****.

@itruby235: I find it real funny how summer walker loves the whole anime girl aesthetic but turns around and is racist to asian people and spreads fake a$$ news to fit her racist narrative she’s a racist Clown face

@JuniorKwasi_- Summer Walker is very very ignorant.

Why she gotta be like that?

@smoothjaszz- i’ve been the biggest fan of summer walker for the longest time, but i’m really disappointed. spreading this kind of propaganda about the coronavirus/generalizing an entire a$$ group of people without any context perpetuates a cycle of unnecessary hate and ignorance.

@aaliyahsbby – summer walker saying she has social anxiety vs summer walker when it’s time to be racist

@callmedollar – Summer Walker’s career suicide is unfortunate to witness. Is it because her new nose won’t allow her to take a deep breath? Perhaps, lack of oxygen to the brain?

@FENDANl – I used to love summer walker but I see why her doctor gave her that shifted a$$ nose job, it’s what she deserves.

@lannadelnegro – Summer Walker claims to be such a strong empath that hugging her fans is emotionally draining because she can feel their inner turmoil but somehow can’t understand how her clearly xenophobic posts about coronavirus can be hurtful to an entire racial group?? Yeah okay.

@crystaldream47 – SUMMER WALKER AGAIN

@peppapigheadass – Me looking at Summer Walker in my Spotify playlists now

@fagalbert – Summer Walker has been added to the list of folks I no longer have the energy to defend.

@antisociallyte – Not advocating for Summer Walker’s mental health anymore. People who have social anxiety are more careful with their words because they fear negative attention and embarrassment. She ain’t anxious enough not be criticized at this point. Since she dragging folks base on ignorance.

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