Pettiest Reactions To Drake Sitting Next To Savannah & LeBron James

Go Home, Aubrey: Pettiest Reactions To Drake Sitting Next To Savannah & LeBron At Bronny’s Game

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Gotta love Aubrey who got the internet going like only he can after sitting next to Savannah and LeBron at their son Bronny’s recent Sierra Canyon game in a seemingly normal courtside moment that spawned a hilarious new meme wave.

At this point, we all know Aubrey is a lovable DWEEB who isn’t really Savannah’s cup of Toronto tea based on her body language while he cackled it up with Bron during the game in a hilariously awkward sequence of events that gave us more of a glimpse into her personality.

Now, we could be dead wrong about Savannah and Drake’s relationship–hell, they could be good friends–but it’s wayyy more fun to speculate on a random interaction in public that, naturally, stirred up all sorts of petty hysteria across social media.

Peep the pettiest reactions to Drake sitting next to Savannah & Bron at Bronny’s game on the flip.

“If “what the hell is so funny” was a person” – let’s be real, every woman has peeked over at their man’s phone to see what shenanigans he’s up to. It’s perfectly normal. EVEN BEYONCÉ DOES IT.

“W.I.F.E= Women Intercept Fun Everyday” – it is what it is. The goal is not getting caught by the whole entire internet.

“Savannah absolutely refers to Drake as “ya lil friend” when she talks to LeBron. She’s also traveling to every Laker game in Toronto” – she probably does. We imagine that beautiful wives have to be careful around Drake because, you know, he’s Drake.

“Savannah: Glad you n ya lil friend having a good time”


Bron was just having a lil fun with his bestie-pal. But, then again, do you blame her for not trusting Drake? We certainly don’t.

“Drake: Yo Bron say hi to Rihanna”


It’s hilarious how one random pic of celebs in public causes this level of speculation (that might actually be true).

“When you already know your response will be “that’s crazy” but you want to put some extra sauce on it” we’ve all ‘wow, that’s crazy’-d someone but Bron took that to championship levels.

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“I’m tryna be as unbothered by life as Ms. Savannah James is by Drake and LeBron lol.” – we all are. Savannah’s superpower is clearly minding her business while being quite possibly the dopest celebrity wife in the game.

“Mrs. Savannah James is the best part of this video! The headline should be Lebron and Drake sat next to Savannah to watch Bronny and Sierra Canyon.” – yep, we stan Savannah James who continues to give us glances of her lovable personality.

“Savannah look annoyed bron and drake having fun 😂”

… I dont see it. – WELP, party’s over.


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