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Loni Love isn’t the only one in her relationship with a penchant for NDAs.

Just days after Love told viewers on “The Real” that she convinced her boyfriend James Walsh to sign a nondisclosure agreement, the comedienne revealed that he had her sign a gag order as well.

“I had James sign an NDA and this is after we met online and decided that we would just be monagmous and be exclusive, before that I didn’t care. The reason why I felt like he needed to sign an NDA was because I see it no different than if we were getting married and he signed a prenup. He made me sign one [an NDA] too!” Love told us Tuesday in an interview at BOSSIP’s NYC office. “He turned around and pulled one out his pocket. I was like, ‘For real?’ Don’t nobody know you!”

Love, who was in NYC to promote her new role as the main stage co-host at the Essence Festival of Culture, said she doesn’t see anything wrong with an NDA, and likened it to a prenup before marriage.

“I’ve worked really hard to get where I am and I want women to protect themselves,” Love said. “A lot of my comedian friends are going through it. And he had no problem with it.”

“I wasn’t so much that I didn’t trust him, I didn’t trust some of his friends,” she added.”

She noted that they were thinking the same thing hence why they “belong together.”

Auntie Loni also admitted that she wishes she pushed NDAs on some of her exes.

“I only discovered NDAs when I started dating James, if I could have other people sign it I would’ve had a LOT of people sign it. You think you have good friends or pick good men—but sometimes it doesn’t work out, people get low on money…hell I would’ve had my momma sign one,” she added jokingly. “But I can’t cause she’s my momma–TAKE IT ALL FRANCIS!”

Love also talked about the other big news of the day, Coronavirus – though she said she’s sticking to her routine.

“I travel every weekend as a stand-up comedian, so I always wipe down,” she said. “I just do what I’ve always done. I do wear long sleeves and long pants. I always wash my hands. It hasn’t been much of a change, but you have to stay safe.”


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