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We’re only DAYS into the apocalyptic Coronavirus crisis and the whole entire internet has already spiraled into a bottomless abyss of Facebook-spread conspiracy theories that get more sick, twisted and unbelievably JUICY CRAZY by the hour.

At this point, it’s very clear these theories are fueled by boredom with a splash of Cabin Fever (and fear of running out of toilet paper during a pandemic) that will only get dicier the longer we stay locked (and liquored) up in our socially distanced home quarantines.

So, you might as well get comfortable, snuggle up with some healthy snacks and dive into these completely ridiculous conspiracy theories, hoaxes and rumors that continue to spread faster than the actual virus.

It’s not like you have anything better to do.

(DISCLAIMER: These are nothing more than unproven conspiracy theories/rumors that should be treated as such. None have been proven true and should not be taken seriously.

Hit the flip for the all craziest, most outrageous Coronavirus conspiracy theories on social media (so far).

Idris Elba LIED about his Coronavirus diagnosis?

We have no reason to believe Idris is LYING about testing positive for COVID-19 BUT there are many, MANY crazies across the internet who aren’t buying it. In fact, if you look at his recent Instagram comments there are seas of crazies calling foul on his diagnosis.

BUT WHY? Well, his wife Sabrina (who, as far as we know, isn’t infected) wasn’t quarantined during his announcement. Strange, right? Wouldn’t they have been separated to avoid the virus potentially spreading? At this point, it’s believed to be more contagious in asymptomatic people like Idris.

Also, if you watch this recent live stream, he stutters through an explanation that his infection was traced back to another famous figure but never goes into detail.

Between that and the popular belief that he’s being paid (by the Government? Someone wealthy and powerful?) to pretend he’s sick so Black folks will take the threat seriously, it’s all very messy.

“Now they know damn well Idris Elba isn’t positive for the Rona….

Why are they lying and how much did he get paid for this performance?????” – Wowwwwww

“I have a feeling Idris elba is lying about having corona, you showed no symptoms and tested positive and your wife was holding you so close in the video when she’s not even tested at all…probably he’s been paid to tell us that Black people can have the Virus” – A LOT of people keep saying this. Hmmm.

Oprah did WHAT???

So, basically, Mother Oprah trended on Twitter overnight for “getting caught up in a sex trafficking ring” according to a troll-fueled bombshell that sent Conspiracy Twitter into a tinfoil TIZZY.

Of course there were (MANY) people who actually believed the story and reposted old articles about Oprah’s ties to convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein to support the claims.

But wait, it gets even more twisted: they also believe the Coronavirus is a lab-created coverup for celebrity elites like Oprah embroiled in a sophisticated sex trafficking scandal that will soon take down many beloved entertainers in the industry.

“As hilarious as all these memes are, and as bogus as the recent rumor is:

Yeah, Oprah’s got deep ties to child sex abusers/trafficking.

Here’s a few connections you should look into:”

– hmmm, interesting.

“oprah opening twitter like #Oprah” – yoooo the music tho. We hate it had to be.

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“timeline saying oprah got arrested but someone’s auntie on facebook broke the story before tmz. we need a vaccine. twitter might not make it to friday” – no, seriously, it’s only been a few days and Twitter has already spiraled into Hell.

Tom Hanks is doing WHAT because WHAT??

We love us some Tom Hanks who, like Idris and Oprah, is caught up in nefarious sex trafficking rumors that continue to spread like wild fire.

Based on Twitter whispers and his Instagram comments, many believe he’s actually being held under arrest on sex trafficking charges in Australia and not infected with the virus (which is absolutely preposterous).

If you search his name on Twitter, you’ll see him clumped together with several other high-profile A-listers connected to quite possibly the biggest Hollywood scandal in history.

You’ll also notice that his Instagram comments have been packed with conspiracy crazies since he announced his diagnosis last week.

“Tom Hanks test’s positive the same day as the plan does. Is he running or getting arrested?

Expect many more high profile politicians & actors to test positive soon.#QAnons” – sooo, um, yea…this is actually happening.

The Coronavirus is really radiation from China’s severely unstable 5G network?

No singer has been dragged more than Keri Hilson who was recently re-dragged for saying COVID-19 was really radiation from the 5G network on phones that somehow set off a global pandemic.

And she was serious before deleting her entire dissertation of evidence from Twitter.

“Now who said Keri Hilson is smoking that pretty girl rock” – she was TRIPPIN trippin. Still love her tho.

“So there is no #Coronavirus the virus is a scam…its actually 5G towers killing us and Wuhan were the first to be affected.. China built over 100,000 5G towers. It was actually planned years ago to depopulate and keep a low vibrational state. Just did my research” – Uhhhh

“The roll out of 5G and the #coronavirus map…. Almost identical” – Eerieeeee but maybe a coincidence?

COVID-19 was deployed to discourage voting in the Primaries

There are many who believe Coronavirus is being used to dissuade voters, especially Democratic voters, from voting in state primaries.

Could Putin possibly have his puppet fingers in this plot? You never really know BUT this might be the most believable of ALL the unbelievable theories.

*Again, these are nothing more than unproven conspiracy theories that should be treated as such. Stock up, WASH YOUR HANDS and STAY HOME.


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