The Funniest, Most Outrageous Dr. Umar Johnson Clips On The Internet

The Funniest, Most Ridiculous Umar Johnson Clips On The Internet

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Dr. Umar Johnson: We Must Fight For Ourselves, Not Everybody Else

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Dr. Umar Johnson is one of the most prominent voices of Hotep Internet. He has espoused conspiracy theories left and right and was at one time a respected intellectual Black voice. However, as of late, he has become sort of a parody of himself. He went on Breakfast Club and said something about freeing Meek Mill to put Bill Cosby in jail. Since then he’s been recording videos in places that look nothing like a home: various outdoor establishments and hotels for the most part.

What he’s given us is simply a buffet of Hotepian comedy and clips that leave us laughing all the way to the school he was never able to build. We don’t even know what he’s talking about these days, but we can’t stop laughing.

Then things went nuclear yesterday when this happened.

The internet was FULL of jokes after this image surface showing Umar and this woman. This led to speculation that he has a white wife. We don’t know who this woman is but man this is pure hilarity if it is.

Peep the rest of the jokes.

Remember when he was going to have a couples event and told people not to Brin their white wives? He only wanted “African” couples there. He was dead serious, too. This man is full comedy.

Oh, this scammer is SPITTING spitting. We don’t know what he’s talking about but he is giving us some gems of words that, uh, rhyme? And yes those are Jill Scott beats in the background. Y’all really have no chill.

Of course he had a Coronavirus take that was all about conspiracies. Of course the conspiracy was all about destabilizing the Chinese government or something. Does he know what he’s talking about? Obviously not. But it gets the people going.

His real conspiracy was almost as bad as this fake one, which was wild as hell and sounds like something he would actually say. Like, couldn’t you imagine him saying this on the Breakfast club?

There’s even an account called “No Context Dr. Umar” which has clips like these that aren’t related to anything. We don’t know what he’s talking about here but we can’t stop laughing. Maybe this is the cure for Covid for him.

Remember when he had a Hotep Royal Rumble and decided to go in on his rivals? Remember when someone put the Ether beat behind it? This is why the internet is absolutely undefeated.

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There are even brilliant parody accounts like this one that bring it all together so perfectly. This is the greatness of Dr. Umar. He is content on content and even the side content is great content.


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