Natalie Nunn Claps Her Clout-Thirsty Cakes On Tory Lanez's Quarantine Radio

Natalie Nunn Clapped Her Clout-Thirsty Cakes For Tory Lanez While Splashed With Milk, Cheerios, Tequila & MORE!

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If you’re wondering why polarizing Bad Girls Club alum Natalie Nunn was trending, well, it’s because she clapped her cakes on Tory Lanez’s Live in a kiddie pool while “friends” splashed her with syrup, tequila, almond milk, Cheerio dust, Buttermilk Ranch dressing and random quarantine snacks in an embarrassingly thirsty moment that we can’t un-see.

Whyyyy she put her married-with-children self out there like THAT, we may never really know, but she clapped back at the Twitter backlash exactly as you imagined she would.

“Y’all Always Want A Mom To Be Lame! Sorry, Not Me!” she (not-very-shockingly) tweeted.

Whew, clout is a helluva drug responsible for her current dragging across the unforgiving internet.

Peep the hilarious Twitter chaos over Natalie Nunn’s grocery-splattered twerk fest on the flip.

“Natalie Nunn just emptied her whole pantry on her ass and there’s a food shortage” – we were appalled

“Natalie Nunn from BGC hopped on Tory Lanez’s live and someone said “oh no not chinny chin chin” – now that’s just plain rude


What Natalie Nunn did with buttermilk ranch on #QuarantineRadio :

Everybody:” – no, but seriously tho. Like, forreal forreal

“Natalie Nunn took “eat the booty like groceries” to a whole new level- tf” – A WHOLE NEW UNDISCOVERED LEVEL

“Natalie Nunn gon have a lot more than a yeast infection down there, she gon have a feast infection” – maaaaaaaannnnnnnn

“Natalie Nunn child when he found out she wasted all the quarantine snacks being a thot on Tory Lanez IG” – I’d be made, too

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“Natalie nunn is pouring Cheerios, almond milk, syrup, AND ranch. On her ass. On a mans ig live. Times r getting harder by the day” – we need the COVID cure ASAP

“Natalie Nunn’s husband tomorrow morning” – people are struggling to buy milk and she’s twerking with it

“anything related to natalie nunn be cringe” – she’s a nice lady who makes questionable decisions

“Black Twitter is dragging Natalie Nunn” – all the way to Hell and back by her chin

“Natalie Nunn betta stop before her daughter come whoop her ass for wasting her snacks” – we hope and pray that happened

“Natalie Nunn putting ranch on her ass…

They do anything for clout” – and by anything, we mean literally ANYTHING

“*checks to see why natalie nunn is trending*” – we instantly regretted it

“Natalie Nunn just put aisle 3 of the grocery store on her booty on IG. Throw 2020 in the trash. PLEASE!” – the wholeeeee entire aisle


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