Jhene Aiko And Big Sean's IG Live Was Real Life Relationship Goals

The Most Adorable, Hilarious, Sexy Moments From Jhene Aiko And Big Sean’s Hot And Bothered IG Live

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Jhene Aiko and Big Sean are one of the most talked-about couples in entertainment. The two have mesmerized fans and the internet for years now, dropping albums and showing all sorts of affection the whole way.

They had a pretty bad breakup a year or so ago and it seemed like they would be done forever. Sean was even subsequently linked to his ex Ariana Grande again in the meantime. Since then, they have patched things up to the point that they seem stronger than ever.

On Wednesday they went to IG Live and gave our lonely a$$es something to look forward to for if we one day find love when this is all over. The entire thing had us all googly-eyed and mushy.

We have all the highlights and moments that twisted up the internet. Hit the flip to see it all.

The couple had a damn staring contest via IG Live, which is something only the absolutely most bored people could do. But we guess this is how you pass the time when love is in the air.

“Why are Jhene Aiko and Big Sean havin a starin contest on live rn lmaoooo”

This really captured everybody’s hearts to the point it felt like overnight Jhene and Sean went from toxic to goals. Incredible.

“This live went like :

*Jhene breaths*
Big sean: “You are so beautiful” “You are glowing” “You are perfect” “I will fight for you”

My favs”

They had a conversation on Only Fans and Sean acted like he didn’t know what the hell it was. Jhene went ahead and teased him as if he was lying. Still very cute.

“Jhene and Big Sean are funny man she hit em with the “stutter, stutter” when he was talkin bout Only Fans”

When it was over, she joked that she wanted men with their sweatpants on to give her some REAL attention. She plays too much.

kicking Big Sean off her live and then says “fellas get your sweatpants ready” lmao Face with tears of joy

The internet couldn’t get over how much Sean looks like he is absolutely in love with Jhene. The way he looks at her is really on some very in love time.

“1. this is the live content I’ve been waiting for
2. someone look at me like big sean looks at jhene”

Same, sis. Same. Nothing like seeing this couple happily in love to make us feel absolutely lonely as hell.

“I thought I was lonely… then I watched Big Sean and Jhené Aiko on live”

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This was one of the moments they couldn’t get enough of. Sean talks about competing for Jhene then she hits him with a “I don’t compete, I complete.”

“Big Sean over here in love”

Sean seemed even mesmerized by how beautiful Jhene is. We get it. We really do.

“the way Big Sean talks about Jhené, the way he describes her. Just, yes. yes.”

“Jhené and Big Sean are cute for life !
“ somebody just asked if we dating … WTF are you thinking?“

Ow and watch till the end , they cute”


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