Beyoncé Appears For The First Time During The COVID Crisis

Beyoncé Appears For The First Time During The COVID Crisis, Soothes Quarantine Anxiety

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Queen Bey finally descended from the Heavens during last night’s star-studded Disney Family Sing-A-Long event where she dedicated a stunning rendition of “When You Wish Upon A Star” to healthcare workers on the front lines that sent Twitter into a starry-eyed TIZZY.

“I’d like to dedicate this song to all the healthcare workers, working tirelessly to keep us safe. We greatly appreciate you! Please hold on to your families tight, please be safe – don’t give up hope, we’re gunna get through this,” she said profoundly.

Whew, we needed this during one of the better weeks of quarantine where we received $1,200 stimulus payments and blessings from Beyoncé herself.

Peep the Twitter hysteria over Queen Bey’s first COVID crisis appearance on the flip.

“Beyoncé promised we’re going to get through this.

So you know what that means?

We’re going get through this!” – we will!

“other celebs: hang in there!
me: f**k y’all
Beyoncé: we’re gonna get through this

me:” – yep, us too!

“Blue peeking in the back like “Don’t you miss one goddamn note Giselle..” – Blue don’t play about them notes

“ABC didn’t even bother to put the lyrics up for Beyoncé’s song. They said don’t you even THINK about singing when Beyoncé sings!!!!! #DisneyFamilySingalong” – they knew better

“Why did seeing and hearing Beyoncé just send peace to my soul?” – you and everybody else

“I feel like Beyoncé is cradling me in her bosom, rocking me back and forth to calm my anxiety. #disneysingalong” – it was such a soothing feeling

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“I needed to hear Beyoncé’s voice so bad. I missed her so much.” – we missed her very, very much

“beyoncé’s beauty is unmatched” – she’s absolutely stunning

“God bless Beyoncé, for the first time since the lockdown started I feel optimistic about the future” – we do too, amen!


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