Pettiest Reactions To Ray J Campaigning For A Verzuz Battle

One Wish: Pettiest Reactions To Ray J Campaigning For A Verzuz Battle

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There were so many things happening during Teddy Riley & Babyface’s legendary Verzuz battle that attracted millions of viewers for an unforgettable IG Live experience flooded with comments from celeb faves like Adele, Toni Braxton and RAY J who threw himself to the wolves by campaigning for a Verzuz battle in front of 400K people.

No, seriously, this really happened (like, forreal forreal) in a not-sure-if-serious moment that immediately sparked another (hilarious) petty party during the funniest, most entertaining and joke-filled week of the seemingly never-ending quarantine era.

Peep the pettiest reactions to Ray J campaigning for a Verzuz battle on the flip.

“Somebody tell me what Ray J thought he was gonna do, play “One Wish” and “Wait a Minute” 10 times each? #BabyfacevsTeddyRiley” – let’s not forget “I Hit It First” and “Sexy Can I”

“Ray J….do you even have 5 SONGS you can battle somebody with??? BOY….. 😂😂😂😂 #TeddyRileyVsBabyface #VERZUS” – 5 songs is way more accurate. Give Ray his proper respect!

“We do not want the smoke Ray J….. you gon “One Wish” and “ I hit it first” us to death” – let man get his one wish!

“Aht! Aht! Ray J, you have 3 songs. Just go ahead and log off for me.” – Twitter is so disrespectful to music legends

“Someone come get Ray J, he’s confused…” – all the day drinking in quarantine will make you act like this

“this n*gga rayj. AINT NOBODY COME TO SEE YOU OTIS” – Ray J would disagree. He is the show!

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“The only thing RayJ is battling is his demons. He has 3 songs” – give him a chance!

“Did y’all see this shit?? How many times does Ray J wanna play “1 Wish”??

Or is he doing remixes?” – Remixes count now. Blame Teddy Riley

“Lmaooo, if Ray J don’t worry about his family and shut up.” – his family probably hyped him up to type that comment


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