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With the COVID-19 pandemic still present in every part of the world, many celebrities have gone deep into their pockets to help as much as possible. Just this week, Beyoncé donated over $6 million dollars to mental health resources to help during the pandemic, Master P and Meg Thee Stallion have both donated to the elderly community to help make sure they are taken care of, and tons of other celebrities have donated in various ways.

Perhaps the most hilarious act of giving back occurred this week by way of Marshawn Lynch. This week marked Lynch’s 34th birthday and he spent the day blessing others with “Beast Mode” masks in his hometown of Oakland, California. What makes the act itself funny is Marshawn was riding around in a cart emblazoned with “’Bout that action” while giving out the PPE to those he spotted without.

Just picture it: you’re in the park relaxing, breaking quarantine and social distancing guidelines, and you see Lynch approaching you in a cart. That’s exactly what happened for one twitter user who uploaded a video of the interaction. Altogether, Lynch delivered over 40,000 masks in Oakland, with a good chunk going to the Highland Hospital.

It goes without saying that Marshawn has his own way of doing things, and this way was absolutely golden.

You can view him and his pimped out cart below:


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