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Hessian police rely on Taser

Source: picture alliance / Getty

NYPD officer Francisco Garcia has been placed on “modified duty” after a viral video captured him assaulting a bystander this past weekend. According to NYPost, Garcia and his fellow pi-…police officers were breaking up a non-socially distant gathering in the East Village when s#!t went left.

Two people, Shakiem Brunsom and Ashley Serrano, were being arrested for refusing to leave the scene as onlookers gathered around. There was a tussle and per usual people began filming with their cell phones. This made Officer Garcia angry and he pulled his taser and aimed it at the crowd while yelling “Move the f**k back right now!”. A man can be heard telling Garcia, “What you flexing for? Don’t flex!”

What happens next is a parent’s worse nightmare and a civil lawyers’ wet dream. Garcia holsters his weapon, grabbed onlooker Donni Wright, and proceeds to slap and punch him as he is wrestled to the ground. Peep the video below.

The NYPD tell it, officer Garcia “felt threatened” because Wright “stuck a fighting stance”. Maybe that’s because he had a taser pointed at him unnecessarily. A threat begets a threat.

Wright was arrested and charged with assault of a police officer, menacing and resisting arrest.

Bunch of d**khead in the NYPD. Running up on people like that isn’t exactly socially distant. Hope Garcia and his buddies all catch COVID-19.



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