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The murder, yes, murder, of Ahmaud Arbery literally has us sick to our stomach. Yesterday, a video of his homicide was released on social media and the outrage reached a fever-pitch.

For those who are unaware, BOSSIP previously posted about Arbery’s gut-wrenching killing several weeks ago. He was shot dead by a white father and son duo in Brunswick, Georgia while jogging around his suburban neighborhood. The whites claim they thought he was a serial burglar who had been targeting the area. That’s bulls#!t though. These soup cookies just think they’re the judge, jury, and executioner of Black bodies. Especially considering that the father is a former cop. You already know how they get down.

Local authorities deemed the shooting legal because the white men were carrying legal guns and were allegedly under the assumption that Arbery was a criminal.

Hinesville District Attorney Tom Durden disa-f**king-grees. Yesterday, he released this letter via Facebook:

If you somehow had the stomach to watch the video then you know how ugly this incident is. It’s so maddening to the Black community and beyond that Presidential-hopeful Joe Biden had to comment.

We hope Ahmaud Arbery haunts these soup cookies and their entire families until it’s time for all of them to go to Hell.


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