RHOA Reunion Is Full Of Drama And Porsha Vs. Eva Drama

#RHOA Reunion: Porsha DESTROYING Eva, NeNe Vs. Kenya, Wendy Williams?! Who Got DRAGGED The WORST ?

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Porsha Williams, Eva Marcille

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When it was announced that the Real Housewives oF Atlanta reunion would happen via social distancing apps, there were skeptics that we would not get the same drama that we’d get in a face-to-face situation. Boy were we wrong. The damn digital reunion was one of the most dramatic and saucy we’ve ever seen.

NeNe and Kenya went at it again over their long-standing feud. Kandi was clowned for her sudden passiveness in all of these fights. Cynthia was…there.

But the star of the show was none other than Porsha who absolutely destroyed Eva with this moment:

This was a knockout punch that blasted Eva and shattered the internet. This was one of the most vicious moments we’ve seen and we’ve seen a lot of them. Eva felt the wrath of the entire internet.

She’s not the only one. Hit the flip to see the people who caught the WORST dragging.

Really this was a massacre from the jump Porsha coming for Eva was the highlight and really solidified Porsha as the MVP of the season.

“I am LIVING for Porsha telling Eva to shut the f*** up! And the funny thing is the plum holder actually listens”

“Eva never owns her s***. Nene be like “yep I said that and I don’t apologize.” Eva be like “Oh I said that? Well I don’t remember. Oh I didn’t mean it as an insult even though i was clearly mad.” StfuDouble exclamation markYou’re a colorist, a texturist, an ageist and a LIAR”

Kenya has been the villain of the show all season, getting dragged for her drama and stale tea, however, she might have landed a fierce uppercut with her shot at Nene and her kids. Damn!

“A Drag for the AGES!!!! Kenya dragged that lady to hell and back.
Nene was left flustered and shook”

“The fact that Porsha almost didn’t get a contract for a second season and now she’s fan favorite, continues to be everybody storyline each season, and is RUNNING the reunion… the SUPREME has her peach and she’s holding on to it firmly”

Then there was Cynthia. She’s just minding her business and getting dragged for not being in the drama. Seriously, though, she might want to spice it up so she can come back into the fold soon.

“I forgot Ms. Snooze Fest, aka Cynthia was on the reunion….I almost feel like Andy had her on mute….”

Whoops! Marc and Kenya’s marriage is still a big sham and a source of clowning from the internet.

“Kenya: Marc has made a complete 360
Me: So basically he hasn’t changed, because that would make it a 180 sis ”

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Still. This is. Wow. She sent Eva to the afterlife in one clip. Gotta say a prayer for Eva after that.

“And the award for read of the year goes to Porsha. Porsha is MVP. Period. Show would be nothing without her”

“Chile, Porsha read Eva all out that peach! Left her a$$ with a grape”

Now let’s be clear: we’re not here to body shame anyone. We love all bodies. Yet you can tell that this was the shot that will be remembered from this season above all else.

“Porsha: “Your titties are social distancing!”

Eva and her titties:”

“Cause of death: Porsha saying that Eva’s breasts were social distancing from one another”


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