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Eva Recaps #RHOAReunion & Her Hubby Says SOMEONE Lacks Integrity ‘Unforgivable!’

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Phone, Porsha or nah???

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Eva Marcille knows you think she (and her breasts) got socially distanced dragged during Sunday’s #RHOAReunion and she’s issuing a response. As previously reported Porsha Williams was on fire for the virtual face-off and she ripped into Eva for saying that her daughter Pilar Jhena looks like Porsha’s fiance/baby’s father Dennis McKinley “with a bow.”
According to Porsha that was “the most low-down thing possible” and she’ll never forgive Eva or her “social distancing titties” for it. She also threatened to “virtually whoop her a**” during the heated exchange.

Now Eva’s responding.

The RHOA star spoke out on what went down during Gary Wit Da Tea’s segment on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.” According to the radio host, she was befuddled by Porsha and her homegirl NeNe coming in HOT during the reunion taping at 8:00 in the morning.

“Porsha and NeNe came out literally guns blazing, I didn’t understand what the issue was and still don’t understand it today,” said Eva.  But I guess if they feel like I’m a threat, I’m a threat. I didn’t know that Porsha and Kenya didn’t get along, I didn’t know that me and Porsha didn’t get along for that matter.”

She also added that NeNe started throwing RHOA recasting shade at her after the season wrapped and claimed she never responded to it until the virtual reunion. That’s quite a strange comment considering that Eva indeed did respond to NeNe with a “no makeup challenge” on Instagram and called her a “wide back.”

Nevertheless here’s what she said on TRSMS.

“NeNe, her issues with me started after the season on social media which I don’t engage in,” said Eva. “My first time responding to her rants on social media was at the reunion. It was crazy, Rickey.”


In addition to speaking out on the radio, Eva recently went Live with her husband, attorney Mike Sterling. During the candid Instagram session, Eva’s husband defended his wife and called out someone for lacking integrity.

Hit the flip.

According to Mike Sterling, he was disheartened to see that “people they ride hard for” as a couple disrespected Eva. He especially took offense to people he’s represented free of charge in legal cases dissing his wife.

“It’s messed up to me when I know that we f*** with people, people we ride hard for,” said Sterling during Eva’s Instagram Live session as captured by QuickWithTheTea.” People I’ve represented pro bono, we’re doing whatever we can to help you. I f*** with you and see them try to play you and come at you—you never did nothing wrong with this person. Why are they coming at you like that? You gonna sell your integrity for a check? The audience be believing the bulls*** they say. Y’all forgive me, I shouldn’t be on Instagram live…”

Eva agreed and added that some people take entertainment too far…

“I think the sad part is when we exploit each other for a check when at the end of the day it’s entertainment,” said Eva.”They’re doing a lot, it’s real thirsty and you wonder why I bring up age.”

and Mike implored people to have “integrity” and mention both sides.

“If you gonna mention all the bad, mention the good too,” added Mike Sterling. “If you’re gonna say I don’t f***k with you no more, at least appreciate what you did for me. People out there in the world don’t know, they’re gonna take that s*** serious. If you got some integrity at least tell the truth, I appreciate you helping me out. To me that’s terrible, those kind of things are unforgivable. Nah, that’s not right. You can’t do people like that. I wish I didn’t have to watch this show.”

It’s unclear who Eva’s lawyer husband was talking about BUT when Dennis McKinley was accused by a blogger of cheating on Porsha Williams with a WAGS reality star, Sterling represented him and issued statements on his behalf.

“I handle legal matters in the court of law, not the court of public opinion and I will take whatever appropriate measures I can to defend Dennis’ good name,” Michael Sterling said to E! News in a statement confirming that he was working to work to clear Dennis’ name.

Porsha commented “✔️ Check Mate,” under a post of the clip so it sounds like she thinks they’re speaking on her.

Hmmmmm, who do YOU think Mike Sterling is particularly peeved with???

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