MORE Hilariously Petty Memes From "Little Fires Everywhere"

MORE Hilariously Petty Memes From “Little Fires Everywhere”

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We’re back with another round of hilariously petty memes from Hulu’s wig-snatching limited series “Little Fires Everywhere” that takes you on a triggering journey into white privilege-fueled suburbia with all sorts of plot twists, sharp left turns and peak Karen-ing that stirred up endless hysteria across social media.

Based on Celeste Ng’s 2017 bestseller, the soon-to-be award-winning Drama follows the intertwined fates of the picture-perfect Richardson family and an enigmatic mother and daughter who upend their lives. The story explores the weight of secrets, the nature of art and identity, the ferocious pull of motherhood – and the danger in believing that following the rules can avert disaster.

The talented cast includes Reese Witherspoon (Elena Richardson), Kerry Washington (Mia Warren), Rosemarie DeWitt (Linda McCullough), Joshua Jackson (Bill Richardson), Jade Pettyjohn (Lexie Richardson), Jordan Elsass (Trip Richardson), Gavin Lewis (Moody Richardson), Megan Stott (Izzy Richardson), and Lexi Underwood (Pearl Warren).

Whew, it’s absolutely essential quarantine viewing that you should watch with your finest glass of red wine.

Peep the funniest (and pettiest) memes from “Little Fires Everywhere” on the flip.

“This moment was equivalent to slamming the Big Joker on the table! Mia was ready😂#LittleFiresEverywhere” – one of the most satisfying scenes in limited series history

“Black viewers watching Pearl talk back to Mia the entire season of #LittleFiresEverywhere” – whew, she was brave and Mia let it happen

“Elena when her husband didn’t use that information she had on Mia #LittleFiresEverywhere” – Elena went full Karen

“Bebe Chow pulled up like: #LittleFiresEverywhere” – like a smooth criminal in the night

“When Elena tries to force Izzy to wear the Tartan Keds #LittleFiresEverywhere” – Tartan keds will be triggering forever

“me watching Bebe Chow’s lawyer light Linda’s ass up for attempting to erase May Ling’s Chinese heritage #LittleFiresEverywhere” – us, too!

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“Izzy trying to figure out how Pearl got here if Mia loves women. 😂 #LittleFiresEverywhere” – she was PERPLEXED

“Mia when Linda was running toward her car at the park during Bebe’s visitation:
😭😭😭😭 #LittleFiresEverywhere” – she swerved off so smooth

“#LittleFires” – Kerry’s faces kill us every time

“So these kids just goin burn down their house????
Rich kid problems… #LittleFiresEverywhere” – whew, the PRIVILEGE

“deleted scene from #LittleFiresEverywhere” – them Shaker Karens are built different

“Reese Whitherspoon channeled all of the power of her colonizing ancestors, the strength of the Susans, Karens, Marthas, Pattys,Carolyns & Bettys. I saw every terrible white woman I encountered in my life in this character. Bravo Reese. Bra-fkn-vo!!!!!! 👏🏾 #LittleFiresEverywhere” – she was incredible

“Reese Witherspoon is not Elena

Reese Witherspoon is not Elena

Reese Witherspoon is not Elena

Reese Witherspoon is not Elena

Reese Witherspoon is not Elena

#LittleFiresEverywhere” – if you don’t do this, you might hate Reese forever

“Mia after it was all said and done and she had Pearl back. #LittleFiresEverywhere” – and that’s that on that


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