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A Texas judge has ordered Carl Crawford to stay away from a woman who said he choked her out and pointed his gun at her after their relationship went bad, BOSSIP has learned.

Under a June 4 emergency order to stay out of jail, Crawford must submit to drug tests, has to stay in the Houston area, can’t access weapons and can’t be anywhere around his alleged victim, according to the order, which was obtained by BOSSIP. Specifically, he’s forbidden to have any alcohol – even in any food, mouthwash, or medication.

“Facts giving rise to probable cause suggest that alcohol was a factor in this offense,” Crawford’s court docs say. “Defendant must not use, possess or consume alcohol.”

Cops in Houston arrested the pro baseball player turned record label CEO earlier this week after his former gal pal accused him of assaulting her back in May. The woman – who BOSSIP isn’t naming – said she’d been in a 2.5-year relationship with Crawford that recently ended, and he told her he wanted to talk and came to her house. She said once he arrived, he brandished his gun and began walking toward her menacingly while holding the gun.

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The woman said Crawford told her that he was going to ask her questions “one last time” and if she lied to him, he’d hurt her, the complaint states. She told him if he planned to do her harm she’d leave, and as she turned to walk towards the door, he pushed her down. Crawford, with the gun in one hand, yoked her up by the head and neck with the other and demanded to know how long she’d been dating a male acquaintance.

She said she’d only known him for a week and Crawford accused her of lying and slammed her head against the wall a couple of times, the complaint says. The woman said Crawford gripped her neck so tightly that she was having trouble breathing. He asked her how long she’d been having sex with the unnamed male friend, and she said she hadn’t – and he called her “a f**king liar” and slammed her head a few more times – all the while holding the gun in the other hand.


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