#TeamIssa Swoons Over Nathan & Lawrence, Roots For Issa To Choose Both

Quite The Peenundrum: #TeamIssa Swoons Over Nathan After Re-Swooning Over Lawrence, Roots For Issa To Choose BOTH

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We’re only a few days away from the “Insecure” season finale where we’ll find out if Issa ends up with Lawrence or Nathan (or both or neither) while somehow patching things up with miserable Molly (who might not have a BFF or boo by the end of the episode).

Whew yes, this Sunday should be full of surprises that might include a Condola plot twist, the resurfacing of a ghost from Issa’s past (perhaps Daniel?), Molly realizing that she’s been Mollying terribly all season, Andrew cussing Molly smooth out or a courtesy update on Tiffany and Kelli who we haven’t seen in episodeS.

But, ahem, right now, at this very moment, all eyez are on Issa, Nathan and Lawrence who currently have #TeamIssa in a heart-fluttery TIZZY.

Peep the #TeamIssa hysteria over Nathan and Lawrence on the flip.

“Damn Lawrence fine af 😫. Damn Nathan fine af 😫. And they both intelligent and want Issa, what we finna do? #InsecureHBO #LawrenceHive #NathanHive” – we have a feeling the answer is going to shatter Twitter

“issa girl, get with both nathan & lawrence. after all you’re single” – technicallyyyy, she IS single

“Can we all agree that Issa and Lawrence aren’t official yet so if she was to give Nathan a little slither of p*ssy, it wouldn’t be cheating? Cause the way he’s looking at her chileeee, he could unpack my box right then and there! #InsecureHBO” – just a slither, huh?

“Am I entertaining a Lawrence and Issa reunion? Was this just a one night stand? What about Nathan? Why were Issa and Lawrence cute together though? Help.” – sooo many questions

“I want Issa to have both Lawrence and Nathan #InsecureHBO” – that seems fair

“Me and the other 3 people who still want Issa to end up with Nathan #InsecureHBO” – last time we checked it’s more than 3

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“I gotta admit Issa and Lawrence’s awkwardness is cute, but so is Nathan and Issa’s! Nathan didn’t miss a beat, singing with her. #InsecureHBO” – yea, we’re torn!

“The writers room really does Issa dirty lmao the fact that episode 1 she was with the damn TSA agent to now having to choose between Nathan and Lawrence is crazy” – Issa came a lonnnng way (from episode 1)

“If we could put Nathan’s voice on Lawrence’s body… #InsecureHBO” – we can’t wait to see what happens Sunday


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