Twitter Drags Condola Over Upsetting Pregnancy Reveal

The Devil Wears Curly Wigs: Twitter Drags Condola Over Upsetting Pregnancy Reveal

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Condola aka Condolences aka Condensation aka Canola Oil aka Condominium aka Cambodia aka Controlla aka Crayola seemed like such a nice lady at the very beginning of Season 4 before evolving into a villainous mood-killer who sabotaged Issa & Lawrence’s dreamy reconnection with her upsetting pregnancy reveal in the finale.

This comes just a few episodes after she ghosted Issa after breaking up with Lawrence in a genuinely CHILDISH sequence of events that helped cement her status as the most HATED character in “Insecure” history who we very well might be stuck with next season.

Peep the very necessary re-dragging of preggo Condola on the flip.


#InsecureHBO” – oh but we are

“I’m starting a “I hate Condola” fan club. Who wants to be Vice President?” – pick us!

“Condescending announcing her pregnancy in a Tyler Perry stage play wig b*tch I hate 2020

#InsecureHBO” – 2020 is the worst thing to ever happen to us

“I want to slap this Whitney Houston a** wig off of Condola head right now” – when you’re done, tag us in

“Now all of sudden Consentration No Hesitation wants to be somebody mammy? Girl F**K YOU #InsecureHBO” – the anger in this tweet is completely understandable

“Condola when that clearblue test came back with those two lines #InsecureHBO” – all part of her villainous plan

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“Condolences watching Issa and Lawrence being happy together…

#InsecureHBO” – she couldn’t WAIT to run everything

“Condolla … I’m pregnant and keeping it

Me : #InsecureHBO” – us, too

“my plans 2020
#InsecureHBO” – we hated to see it


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