A History Of Black Celebrities Who've Experienced Police Brutality

In This Together Pt.1: A History Of Black Celebrities Who’ve Experienced Police Brutality

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Black people being the victims of police brutality is nothing new. AS of late we’ve seen more and more instances of Black people being on the wrong end of violence at the hands of police. Celebrities are speaking out about what they are witnessing for better or worse.

Celebrities have been trying to find the best ways to help out. This is partly because they sympathize with us as Black Americans and want better for the entire community. The other part is that they themselves have had to deal with police brutality. Sometimes celebrities are profiled and harmed because they are Black in nice cars or nice neighborhoods. Their fame doesn’t spare them from being in contact with police who are committing violent acts.

These celebrities know firsthand what they we are going through because they have experienced the cruel nature of police brutality. They’ve been pulled over, tased, abused and had cops show up at their houses for no reason.

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Jay Pharoah – He spoke about being profiled by police and even had them on his neck like just like police did George Floyd.

Jay-Z – On his iconic song, “99 Problems,” he talked about being pulled over by a cop who said he fit the description and how he had to talk his way out of it.

Jamie Foxx – In 2015, he talked about being pulled over while driving his Rolls Royce:

“I got stopped a few weeks ago,” he said. “I’m driving in my neighborhood, which is predominantly White. And I’m feeling white—I got my top down and my Rolls Royce like ‘Wow, this is a great, white day!’ With my boy … we’re riding down 101 in L.A., chilling [on a] Sunday. All of a sudden, the cops get behind me. And I’m like ‘OK, the cops are behind me, but it’s a great day and I’m really mainstream.’ But he turns his lights on and I’m thinking ‘It couldn’t be me.’ And I actually move over and say ‘Yeah, go get ‘em! Go get those guys’ and he was like ‘It’s you—pull it over!’ and when he yelled at me, he yelled like I was crazy. He talked to me like I wasn’t human.”

Niecy Nash – She said her son got pulled over and police pulled a taser on him for being in too nice of a car:

“My son got stopped leaving my house last Sunday,” she shared in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter published on Monday. “And they pulled a taser on him for a rolling stop. And then proceeded to question him and ask him, ‘You have on a T-Mobile shirt. Do you work there? Because if you do, how did you afford this car? Because this is a 2020.’ “

Pete Rock – Pete Rock detailed a situation in which police pulled him, his wife and child over and brutalized them. It was extremely scary from his retelling.

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Chad OchoCinco – Back in 2011, he had this today about police coming to his house: “Y did the police just walk in my condo saying they think it’s drug activity because it’s alot of traffic but it was the MTV camera crew. … Hard being young, black, and rich”

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Sterling Brown – The famous story of Milwaukee Buck Sterling Brown getting pulled over and tased became a national story as the team went toe to toe with the police over Brown’s rights.

Kendrick Sampson – He was out on the streets protesting in New York and he ended up getting harassed and beaten by cops on the front lines. Salute this brother.

J. Cole – He famously talked about police showing to his house in riot gear on his song “Neighbors.” The song is about police who thought he was doing illegal activities in his house. The video is his front door cam of the cops.


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