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We’re not sure how many new lows we’ll hit before year’s end but we slipped even lower with this weirdly petty Instagram squabble between Philly philanthropist Meek Mill and #FeedYourCityChallenge creator Trey Songz who went back-and-forth (and back…and…forth) after Meek took offense to Trey challenging him to donate some cash to the cause.

No, seriously, that’s what this is all about and started when Trey commented under a pic of Meek flashing cash on the gram in a genuinely GOOFY “misunderstanding” that escalated quickly mainly because of a lack of reading comprehension.

Whew lawd, Meek has been trippin’ trippin’ lately (like most bored celebs) and sent Twitter into a flabbergasted frenzy with his latest shenanigans.

Peep the Twitter chitter-chatter over Meek & Trey’s petty squabble on the flip.

Yeeea so this is a thing we can’t believe actually happened. Celebs are genuinely bored.

“Meek Mill getting ready to fight Trey Songz…” – our money is on Trey

“Trey Songz: I challenge my boy Meek Mill to the #FeedYourCityChallenge!

Meek Mill:” – haaaaaaaa

“*comes to Twitter to see if y’all talking about Meek and Trey Songz*” – we were right behind you

“Trey Songz : Donate and give back to your community

Meek Mill :” – Meek was doing wayyy too much

“Trey Songz : challenges rappers or continue philanthropic efforts in their city
Meek Mill :” – they couldn’t wait to drop this meme

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“Trey Songz: I challenge you to give back to the commun….

Meek Mill:” – Meek couldn’t WAIT to snap

“Somebody tell Milano to take Meek’s phone. What Trey said really wasn’t that deep.” – it really wasn’t, especially with everything that’s going on

“Wait a minute…Meek Mill participated in the All In Challenge in April yet felt slighted about being nominated in another one this month?! LMFAOOOO What in the remedial hell is going on? There has to be some underlying sh*t he has with Trey Songz because…” – we’re just as lost as you

“Trey also challenged Fabolous and he just accepted it. Meek poo poo’d his pants and cried.” – Twitter is ruthless


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