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Dr. Dre and his wife of 24 years Nicole Young are the latest celebrity couple to call it quits in yet another pandemic plot twist marking the beginning of a potentially spicy war over the music mogul’s $800 million fortune.

The divorce documents reportedly filed by Young on Monday cite “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split with a request for spousal support.

Sources close to Nicole say she’s never signed a prenup which means she’s about to put the beats on Dre’s massive cash stash that includes nearly a billion in assets.

Whew, it’s about to get uglyyyy as both sides prepare to battle it out in court over the fortune that, based on previous high-profile divorce cases, will be split right down the middle.

Peep the Twitter hysteria over Dr. Dre’s looming divorce on the flip.

“Dr. Dre wife after filing for Divorce with no prenup…in CALIFORNIA.” – she’s about to be swimming in Beats By Dre cash

“The Dr Dre is getting divorced.” – a sad day in Compton

“Dr. Dre lawyer trying to figure out what he can keep in his divorce with no prenup” – his lawyer is already skressed

“N*ggas see that Dr. Dre will possibly have to split his 800 million dollars with a women he was married to for 24 years and they are going insane. News Flash: You n*ggas will NEVER have 800 million dollars. You probably won’t even touch 800k. Your $70 net worth is ok.” – spicyyyyy

“Dr Dre married a lawyer with NO prenup….” – that $400 million is as good as gone

“Dr. Dre wife about to take half a billion dollars from him.” – whew, she won

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“Dr. Dre marrying these women with no prenup???” – you hate to see it

“”But Dre Day only meant E̵a̵z̵y̵’̵s̵ his wife’s payday”

That Dr. Dre divorce is gonna hurt his pockets something serious no prenup. Watch for the sniper” – you already know Eazy E is laughing in Heaven

“After 24 years of marriage dr. Dre’s wife decides to divorce him. And she wants spousal support from him????? Get a job. You wanna leave go right ahead but you shouldn’t be making him pay for you any f*cking more.” – someone’s maaaaaad


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