Funniest Tweets From Last Night's Wig-Tugging "Greenleaf" Episode

All Eyez On AJ: Funniest (And Messiest) Tweets From Last Night’s Wig-Tugging “Greenleaf” Episode

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After weeks of soul-simmering anticipation, AJ finally revealed his big secret in a somewhat shocking moment that divided loyal viewers expecting him to admit he’s not really Grace’s son.

At this point, everybody should know not to fall in love with their show predictions but AJ’s HIV reveal felt a lil Madea stage play-ish UNLESS it’s misdirection before they drop the actual reveal in the coming weeks (a la “Insecure” dropping the Condola pregnancy a few weeks later than predicted).

Aside from the reveal, we saw Jacob move closer to living happily ever after with pretty dummy Tasha Skanks, Sophia living her best sinner life and Charity Charity-ing in yet another deliciously messy mishmash of dysfunction that makes the show so addictive.

Peep the funniest (and messiest) tweets from last night’s wig-tugging “Greenleaf” episode.

“I’m so annoyed. They made us sit through 57 mins of nonsense for that last 3 minutes. And then decide to go there with the story line??” – we have a feeling there’s more to that AJ storyline

“I just never expected FakeJ to say that…I also don’t think he’s Grace’s son…or that Basie Skanks is dead…or that Jacob can be faithful…or that Charity has any sense.” – you might be right about everything

“#Greenleaf Y’all would get into the AJ storyline in the last 2 minutes:” – the ‘Greenleaf’ way

“HIV?! Wait so he’s really her son?!?” – so it seems (for now)

“THAT was the secret? I’m done.” – we’ll see you next week

“If this AJ is the real AJ, what role does that mysterious guy at the grave play in all of this?” – questions that need answers

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“jacob: “when me and kerissa get a divorce”

tasha: #Greenleaf” – they’re lowkey perfect for each other

“Charity marching her a** across my tv screen getting ready to do some more dumb sh*t & throw a tantrum. #Greenleaf” – we hope she finds peace or redeems herself

“I know Sophia is not peacefully sitting here with Zora lecturing her after discovering her cousin revealed her infertility to the girl who posted her nudes AND after Zora didn’t help her fight????” – all of this, every bit of it


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