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Racial tension is at an all-time high with in the United States, which is evident from over a month of Black Lives Matter protests in the books. The senseless murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Elijah McClain kicked off a revolution like we have never seen before in US history. With racial topics being the center of conversation these days, you’ll always have a few Black people who go against the grain and say “racism doesn’t exist,” or they spit the rhetoric that white republicans say to gaslight those fighting for equality. One of their favorite things to bring up, like clockwork, is the classic, “What about black on black crime?” argument. That question is the stupidest talking point known to man, due to the fact no Black man or woman has EVER killed another person of the same color just because they were Black–which is what happens all too often elsewhere.

After the Boondocks TV series featured Uncle Ruckus, who expressed pure self-hatred, anyone who is Black and spews a similar self-hate is appropriately called ‘Uncle Ruckus‘. Recently, a video was taken in Little Rock, Arkansas showing the most disgusting display of this very behavior. In the footage, the owner of a restaurant called Chicken Wangs was caught on camera bashing his own people and declaring his restaurant is officially serving “whites only.” The owner says he is fed up with his people and how they act and treat him personally, so his solution is not to allow Black people service in his establishment.

With a name like Chicken Wangs and the part of town he is in, we doubt he will receive many customers with this new change.

Watch his full display of ignorance for yourself down below:


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