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Greenleaf Season 5 assets

Source: OWN

We’re only two episodes away from the series FINALE of “Greenleaf” and things are steadily unraveling for the Greenleafs who just might lose their beloved estate AND church during their current downward spiral filled with secrets, shady decisions and sin.

Last week we saw the return of vengeful villain Rochelle Cross who continues to circle around the reeling family while terrorizing Bishop for his role in her father’s death.

At one point, Bishop and Mae attempted to come to an agreement about the estate with Rochelle’s more, uh, level-headed sister Tara who we discover has been collaborating with her the entire time.

Strangely, Mae invited Tara over to discuss the house but it’s clear Rochelle has more sinister plans for Bishop who she wants brought all the way down until there’s nothing left.

Meanwhile, Grace works with Darius and Charity to uncover Harmony & Hope’s motive for taking over the church while stone-walling the Greenleafs.

A very inconvenient truth for H&H head Bob Whitmore who we discover was preying on poor Black folks with predatory home loans through the lending company that Grace and Darius (with help from Charity and Phil’s flip phone-clip-clapping father) traced back to them.

Whew, last night was A LOT with a gasp-worthy ending and iconic Lady Mae moment that sparked hilarious chaos across Twitter.

What do YOU think will happen leading up to the series finale? We can’t wait to see what unfolds next. Hit the flip to check out what folks on Twitter had to say about last night’s exciting episode.

“Mae was like: I cheated on your daddy. Grace is an outside baby. Let’s eat. #Greenleaf” – she wasted no time and we appreciate it

“Grace is the product of an entanglement #Greenleaf” – and there it is

“Lol How Bishop was standing on the porch B4 dinner” – nooooooo

“Bishop & Lady Mae pre-Calvary #Greenleaf” – haaaaaaa

“Please dont let Zora be planning to meet up with Ike DeBarge’s triflin behind #greenleaf” – we thought this too

“Rochelle told Bishop “Everything you think about gonna crumble!” Admit you killed my daddy!!!” – Rochelle don’t play

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“Bishop when Rochelle told him that Basie should’ve killed his ass… #Greenleaf” – whew, Rochelle is stone cold

“Judy almost broke her neck tryna stand up to Charity #Greenleaf” – we don’t even think that was in the script

“Daddy loves black people” #Greenleaf” – siiiiiiiike



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