Netflix Brought "Moesha" Back From 1996 & Shattered Twitter

MO-TO-THA: Netflix Brought “Moesha” Back From 1996 & Shattered Andell’s Internet

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Publicity Stills Of The TV Show Moesha

Source: Matthew Rolston/UPN/Delivered by Online USA

That sound you hear is millions of 30-somethings stampeding to stream hit UPN show “Moesha” on Netflix as part of the streaming giant’s Black sitcom boom that includes “Girlfriends,” “The Game,” “Sister Sister,” “The Parkers,” “Half & Half” and “One On One.”

The beloved series starred Grammy Award-winning singer/actress Brandy Norwood as Moesha Mitchell, a vivacious teenage girl trying to figure out her place in life with the help of her kooky friends Kim, Niecy & Hakeem, lovely yet overbearing mother Dee, problematic dad Frank and plucky brother Myles.

If you grew up in this era, “Moesha” was your show that paved the way for an entire generation of classic Black sitcoms, spin-offs and reboots.

“The goal of Strong Black Lead is to celebrate and lift up Black Hollywood. These trailblazing shows are a huge part of that story. From the classic clown episode of “The Parkers” to “Moesha”s mind-tripping meet-up with Brandy, we’re thrilled that our members can now enjoy these amazing classics,” gushed Netflix’s Bradley Edwards, Manager, Content Acquisition and Jasmyn Lawson, Manager, Strong Black Lead.

“We admit it, we grew up watching a lot of TV. And some of the beloved Black sitcoms of the ‘90s and early aughts had a huge impact on us. These shows made us laugh, and cry, and sing along with those catchy theme songs.

And most importantly, we felt like we saw ourselves on screen – in some cases for the very first time. Every week we were able to tune in to see people, families and friends that looked like us and characters whose everyday ups and downs reflected Black life in an authentic way,” they added.

Yesss, we LOVE to see it and thoroughly enjoyed Twitter’s re-watch reactions that we compiled on the flip.

“Kim was QUEEN of applying the pressure 😭😭 #MoeshaOnNetflix” – the UNDISPUTED QUEEN

“Moesha just casually booked Jodeci for a high school fundraiser.
I can’t lol.” – the show cameos were A1

“the baYANG” – so powerful

“Moesha as soon as she met Q #MoeshaOnNetflix” – haaaaaa

“Me after binge watching Moesha on Netflix” – us, too!

“The car Moesha got for free.
The car she got with her own money.


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“Dee: good morning

Moesha::” – mannnnnnnnnn

“This for Molly” – we thought the same thing

Me dancing to the moesha theme song for the 19th time today #MoeshaOnNetflix” – the JAM

Whew, Reagan Gomez been FINE our entire lives

“Watching Moesha thinking about how Britney Spears took Niecy’s baby daddy while she was pregnant with their second child” – so scandalous

“Hakeem would’ve had that Armani Suit this year. #MoeshaOnNetflix” – wowwwww

“Speaking of #MoeshaOnNetflix … here’s me in front of the ICONIC fountain in Leimert Park.

I HAD to visit when I was in LA.” – yesssss

“The promotional photoshoot for the first season of #MOESHA it’s just ICONIC” – the ’90s were magical


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