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Democratic Presidential Candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders Holds Rally In Capital Of His Home State Of Vermont

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Shaun King, the biggest scam boy around, is at it again. When the announcement came down that Kamala Harris would be the Vice President, he sent out a resoundingly positive endorsement of her and Joe Biden. Great, right? Only one problem. This is what he said about Biden and Harris in 2018:

“I have not made a commitment to any candidates who might be running for President, but have told several of them that I will be waiting to see who all announces, what they say they stand for, who they hire to run their campaigns before I make my decision.

I’ll be frank and tell you two Democrats that I am 99% sure I won’t be supporting – primarily because of their dismal history on criminal justice reform over the course of their entire careers.

Joe Biden & Kamala Harris.

They both helped build & advance mass incarceration.”

But the energy was different last night. Mr. Thurgood Partial took to social media to say that he would be supporting the two in their upcoming race to the White House.

King tried to explain the flip flop.

“Pretty much.

I can only speak for myself, but when I harshly critique leaders, it’s with the hope that they will grow and evolve.

Kamala has done so, in very specific ways, on issues of justice.

I’ll remain a critic. But I’m nothing but glad to see the growth. Is what it is.”

This isn’t the first time Shaun King has received backlash. In June of this year, several racial justice activists and media outlets questioned King about his alleged mishandling of fundraiser donations for his social activism campaign The Grassroots Law Project.  In a detailed article, the Black Lives Matter leader tried to set the record straight.

Unfortunately all that convincing didn’t do him any good and it didn’t stop Twitter from dragging him for dirt and sending him to the scam world in the sky.

Hit the flip to see it all…

“shaun king blocked me because i said he looked like Anthony fantano”

“Your friendly reminder that Shaun King is not the voice of face of anything other than Shaun King.”

“People who are like, “Aha! THIS will embarrass and ruin Shaun King for sure this time!” remind me of people who are like, “Aha! THIS will embarrass and ruin Trump for sure this time!”

Both of these men are confidence tricksters and frauds and thieves; shamelessness defines them.”

“Get you someone that forgets & looks past your faults like Shaun King does Biden & Kamala.”

“Shaun king is the perfect example of how if someone goes to a hbcu that doesn’t automatically guarantee that they will be for Black people.”

“Please stop reposting Shaun King

Literally I’m begging you to do your homework and research what activists are saying”

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