The Internet Picks Sides In Candiace Vs. Monique RHOP Fight

#RHOP: The Internet Is ALREADY Picking Sides And DRAGGING This Person In The Upcoming Candiace Vs. Monique Fight

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Monique & Candiace

Source: SOPHY HOLLAND / Bravo

Ever since the very beginning of the Real Housewives Of Potomac season, we’ve known that a big fight was coming up. That fight is between one Candiace and one Monique. The speculation about what the fight is about has raged for weeks. Now, things are starting to clear up a bit and the internet is picking sides in the entire thing.

As previously reported Candiace filed charges first claiming that they were at a winery alongside their RHOP cast members when Monique grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down. Bravo cameras were reportedly filming the incident the whole time and several people allegedly had to peel Monique off Candiace.

Monique followed up by filing counter-assault charges against Candiace claiming self-defense noting that Candiace has a “history” of “aggressive, threatening, and belligerent conduct.” An attorney for Monique added that Candiace hit Monique in the face with a wine glass, leaving her with a bloody nose and lacerated lip—thus leading to her defending herself against the aggressor.

In both cases, both ladies faced potential jail time if a second-degree assault conviction had been made. The charges were dropped and their pettiness has continued, most recently with Monique alleging that Candiace befriended Charrisse Jackson Jordan to p*** Monique off. Monique believes Charrissee facilitated “nasty rumors” about her family.

Now we’re seeing the lead-up and people are in big arguments.

Now the internet is fighting over whose side they’re taking. Hit the flip to see it all…and let us know who you think should be getting dragged for this.

“This is where I want everyone to remember how Candiace had Monique’s back while Ashley was giving her the blues about driving drunk and hitting that tree. Candiace had MONIQUE’S back when Ashley is the one who introduced on the show. And look where they are now”

“Monique is just playing into the hands of the green eyed bandits…she really don’t even care if Candace apologizes to Ashley…she just want any reason to attack Candace on camera and now we know she phony after the audio clip “

I see why Monique and Candace will end up fighting and to think I was going to take Monique’s side lmao

“I used to be a Monique fan, but the more she pushes her perfect life and perfect marriage, essential oils & busy busy life, I want to throw something. You’re rich because if your husband. Shut up. #RHOP”

“Let’s just get to the episode where Monique beats Candiace up”

“Candice is doing Ashley what Ashley did everybody else seasons 1-3. Ion feel that sorry for Ashley. cause Highkey, Robyn still owes her an a** whipping!!!”

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“bruh Candiace told Robyn to STFU, and we heard not a peep from her the rest of the scene”

“Gizelle started rumors to deflect from the cheater all up in her donations box and she’s still mad Monique has 4 homes.”


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