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“”Real receipts. Not fake ones.”

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Claudia Jordan is defending herself after her alleged abuser clapped back at her on social media. As previously reported Claudia alleged that her ex who she didn’t call out by name, violently bodyslammed her into a toilet after she found out that he lied about his age. She pointed out that the person is currently dating Phaedra Parks and viewers of her “Cocktails With Queens” show deduced that it was actor Medina Islam.

After Claudia claimed that her back was injured during the bodyslamming incident, Medina pulled “receipts” that included emails and texts between them. He also grossly mocked her injury claims with the hashtag “#BrokeBackJordan.”

According to Medina, there’s “no way” Claudia was injured because she went on a trip to Bali a week later and he thinks she shared “carefully cropped” photos of alleged injuries.

“4yrs ago, I dated Claudia Jordan. It lasted 6months….6months y’all. I got socks and draws older than that. I left her 4 times in 6months because of her mouth and messy ways. On August 28, 2016 I had enough and left for good. She began having a temper tantrum as I left peacefully she grabbed my phone ran and started flopping all over the house.
“I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE PUT MY HANDS ON U IN ANY WAY…I came in the bathroom and attempted to grab the phone out of ur hand u bit me! As u resisted giving my phone back to me u pushed me back and toilet cracked and water began to flood. No one threw u into no toilet, nor body slammed u.”

He’s since deleted all of his posts about Claudia’s claims.

Now Claudia’s responding with what she calls “real receipts.” After at first tweeting…


she shared photos of her bruised back, a cracked toilet, texts between her and a building manager when Medina allegedly broke into her home and an audio message of the actor seemingly asking them to reconcile. She also posted a restraining order that another woman allegedly filed against him.

“Real receipts. Not fake ones.
1) back trauma
2) cracked toilet that had to be replaced
3) convo with building manager about the time he broke in and I advised them NOT to give him access or a key after he broke in Thru my window and damaged the screen.
4) his ID and proof of his real age (7 years older that he says) that lead to our fight because he was mad he got caught in a lie. That’s when it all hit the fan. If you lie to your Girlfriend YOU LIVE with about something like your age-what else is a lie? Who are you?
5, 6,7) He said he’s never been an abuser yet here is a restraining order filed against him for hitting a woman in Atlanta in the face with a book in 2003. (There’s more violence much more recent- but I’ll let her tell it.)”

Claudia’s clearly not playing when it comes to telling her side, so much so that she called one of the actor’s family members on Instagram Live.

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