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Terry Crews is at it again. The man who has earned names like Gym Crow and Muscle Ruckus is back at it again. This time he’s tweeting about boycotting Magic City and we don’t know why.

Thursday morning, Crews became the focus on Twitter. The TV host tweeted out “BOYCOTT MAGIC CITY” and to make matters worse, he included the hashtag #blacklovematters right next to his unthoughtful and poorly timed caption.  Social media began to load the proverbial clip and fire a ton of criticism at Terry, especially because this isn’t the first time that the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star has received backlash for his stupid commentary. If you recall, his dumb a$$ got caught up a few times this year for throwing Gabrielle Union under the bus as well as talking about “Black supremacy” and generally sounding stupid. Then, he went on Don Lemon’s show back in July to talk about his issues with the Black Lives Matter movement and Don totally shut Terry down with this:

“The Black Lives Matter movement was started because it was started about police brutality. If you want an All Black Lives Matter movement that talks about gun violence in communities including Black communities, then start that movement with that name,” Don explained. “But that’s not what Black Lives Matter is about.”

“If someone started a movement that said ‘cancer matters’ and then someone comes in and says, ‘Why aren’t you talking about HIV?’ It’s not the same thing.”

“But when you look at the organization, police brutality is not the only thing they’re talking about.”

“People who live near each other, Black people kill each other, same as whites. 80-some percent of white people are killed by white people,” Lemon says.

“True, very true,” Crews agreed, however he went straight back into his dumb belled goofy antics and compared BLM to an extremist group:

“I wanted to bring up the fact that there are some very, very militant type-forces in Black Lives Matter and what I was issuing was a warning,”  Crews continued, “I’ve been a part of different groups, I’ve been a part of different things and you see how extremes can go far … and when you issue a warning and a warning is seen as detrimental to the movement, how can you ever have checks and balances?”

Now he’s being even dumber? Even Dreamville’s J.I.D. was pissed and had this to say regarding Terry’s Magic City tweet:

The tweet has since been deleted and it looks like Terry offered somewhat of an apology. He also followed up his pathetic recant stating that he wanted to see justice for Jacob Blake who is the latest victim to be harmed by police brutality:

That didn’t stop Twitter from collecting all of the receipts and dragging tap dancing Terry into oblivion. Man, get him out of here. Hit the flip to see what social media had to say.

“It’s not even noon and you talking about a boycott that would hurt almost exclusively black women and women of color.

F*** you Terry Crews.”

“Terry Crews everytime he come up with some nonsense to tweet while something important is going on”

“Terry Crews got beef with strippers and strip clubs!? what an odd declaration.”

“Whenever Terry Crews wants to come out and deflect from the real issues going on in the world, I only have one message for him…”

“There’s a hurricane, COVID 19, the NBA, WNBA & MLB strikes, police brutality, racists murdering bystanders, etc and King Coon terry crews decided to tweet about Magic City.”

“terry crews is talking about canceling sex workers and a strip club? the same terry who almost got divorced because he was purchasing sex workers and had a porn addiction???”

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“Why is Terry Crews the way he is? Every single time something is happening he just has to tweet or say something stupid…”



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