Funniest Tweets From Brandy & Monica's Delightfully Shady Verzuz Battle

The Shade Is Mine: Funniest (And Pettiest) Tweets From Brandy & Monica’s Delightfully Shady Verzuz Battle

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Last night’s highly anticipated Verzuz event between Brandy aka the Vocal Bible and Monica aka Goonica was a delightfully shady celebration of classic R&B that attracted 1.2 million celebs, industry heads, politicians, excited fans and brands who vibed out with two of the biggest singers of their generation.

Whether they actually like each other or not, we’re still not quite sure, but we couldn’t help but notice the awkward exchanges, fake smiles and shady shenanigans between the friendly rivals that fueled all sorts of hilariously messy chaos across social media.

At one point, Monica appeared visibly annoyed when Brandy attempted to get her to join her impromptu rendition of Sam Cooke’s iconic song “A Change Is Gonna Come” on the spot.

Oh, and “The Boy Is Mine” finale? Awwwwkwaaard.

But, to be fair, the two were cordial most of the night despite sweetly awkward Brandy doing wayyy too much, way too often.

Brandy, 41, and Monica, 39, dominated R&B as teens in the ’90s and famously won Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group for “The Boy Is Mine” at the 1999 Grammys.

The award-winning duo reunited in 2012 for follow-up single “It All Belongs to Me.” Three years later, Monica revealed there was never really a feud between her and Brandy. Nope. Just “brilliant marketing.”

“People are still asking: ‘Who was the boy?’ and ‘Who got the boy?’ There was no boy! It just was a song!” Monica told HuffPost Live. “We played up the dramatics of it all, but I’m like, ‘Guys, we were 16 and 17.’ We’re 35 and 36 now. There was no boy and no beef.”

The two artists brought plenty of surprises and nostalgic classics to their VERZUZ show down, like Brandy’s  hit “I Wanna Be Down” and Monica’s “Don’t Take It Personal.”  Sen. Kamala Harris made a brief appearance during the battle to promote  Michelle Obama’s  When We All Vote campaign, encouraging viewers to get out to the polls come November.

Between songs, Brandy read several poems dedicated to the stars that have passed recently like Kobe and Gianna Bryant, Nipsey Hussle and Chadwick Boseman. Monica surprised fans with a brand new song called “Trenches” with Lil Baby too.

Who won–Brandy or Monica? Do you think they still have beef? Tell us in the comments and peep the funniest (and pettiest) reactions on the flip.

“Why y’all photoshopped them shoes on Monica?” – pettyyyyyy

“Me pretending to enjoy myself at the function while the secret Uber I called is on its way” – so relatable

“I don’t care what nobody say, Brandy wore them white shoes to be funny” – we can see this being true

“Brandy is the friend who says “Why you text me? I’m sitting right here” in front of everybody at the function” – FACTS

“Girl get off me.” – Monica was overrrr it

“Monica anytime Brandy opens her mouth” – every single timeeeee

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“Monica: we are not a group girl
Brandy: we a group when we sing The Boy is Mine
Monica:” – no, but, forreal

““I got another poem” – chiiiiiile

“solange and tyler going back and forth in the comments over whether monica is wearing boots or pants has me dying” – HILARIOUS

“Monica said “you said what?” And I ducked in my house” – SAME

“Brandy before she introduces a song” – SKRESSFUL

“Ray J backstage rooting for Monica” – shadyyyyy

“All C-Murder boys in the cell gassing him up right now.” – you know it

“Monica music for people who grandparents had custody of them” – you know what…

“This #Verzuz featuring #BrandyVsMonica brought to you by vintage Victoria’s Secret lotion, grape jolly ranchers, and black steve madden sandals. I’m loving it.” – pure nostalgia

“When I’m with bae pretending like I don’t see the bill” – pettyyyyy

“Brandy: my daughters watching!

Monica: HOEEEEEEEEE” – Monica is such a pretty goon


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