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Raqi Thunda, Joe Budden, Cyn Santana

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Joe Budden is looking for someone to blame as it pertains to a mysteriously ‘leaked’ phone conversation between him and Cyn Santana and some funky looking ‘documents’ citing allegations against his character reaching the public — but could it all be a ploy concocted by his baby mama and himself?

During his Instagram Live stream yesterday, Joe blamed the leaked allegations on his associate Raqi Thunda. Joe implied that Raqi, who dealt with a health crisis earlier this year after contracting COVID-19, maybe mentally ill and trying to sabotage his reputation. Joe’s perception is that Raqi is “slimy” and intended to manipulate Cyn while they sorted out their relationship issues.

“I had no business dealing with Raqi. I don’t know why she’s feeling what she’s feeling,” he said. “I think she’s sick. I think that she’s bipolar. I think she’s got dementia. She got covid.”

In her defense, Raqi posted and deleted text conversations allegedly between herself and Budden from 2019. In the caption, Raqi made claims that Joe Budden wanted her, as his wing woman, to keep tabs on Cyn.

“YOU asked me to manage Cyn after your breakup because you thought I would help you keep tabs on her movement like where she was and who she was keeping company with. When I made it clear that as a friend to both of you I wouldn’t be involved with putting her in a dangerous position to feed you info that will put you in a position to lose what you were working for because you’re a known loose cannon that’s when you lost your sh*t.”

Raqi added that she had no access to any “leaked” conversations or documented claims against him, pointing to Cyn’s position in the messy drama.

“Honestly any woman willing to bed you for a slice of fame and a place to lay their head was already damaged goods from the get go. I just just so happen to have a soft heart for the idiotic and Stockholm syndrome individuals that you’ve dragged!”

Raqi wasn’t finished at all. Remember how those documents made claims that Joe Budden abused Cyn and masturbated his dogs appeared on Instagram? Raqi points to PROOF it may all be an attention-seeking ploy by the couple. Hit the flip to see how.



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