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SZA wants the world to know she’s the biggest fan of Insecure, and she’ll do whatever it takes to prove it.

In a new series with Billboard, QUIZZED, SZA gets quizzed by none other than Issa Rae on her knowledge of her hit series. Surprisingly enough, when the video first begins, Issa expresses that the two of them have only ever talked on the phone before, making this whole exchange even more special.

As for the actual quiz, SZA has to answer some true or false questions along with some questions about what character from the show said what quote. She also tells Issa a story about one of her exes that parallels Issa’s experience with Lawrence on the show, revealing why the show really hits home. The whole thing is absolutely hilarious and honestly looks like a really good game to play with your friends and family–as long as everyone is a big fan of the same TV show.

If you want to see SZA and Issa Rae’s first-time “meeting” along with SZA’s attempt at proving she’s the biggest fan of Insecure in the entire world, check out the video down below:


Issa Rae has really become a pillar of black excellence in Hollywood in recent months for Insecure and her fearlessness when challenging the film industry’s shady ways.

In a recent interview, the actress and director got candid about some of the challenges she’s faced in Hollywood. While reflecting on her first-ever Hollywood pitch, the Emmy nominated star revealed that an odd encounter with an executive gave her the fuel she needed to keep going:

“My first Hollywood pitch was kind of unofficial. Basically, I had this web series. It was the third web series I had ever made. The executive was like, ‘Yes, I saw your show. Funny stuff… Funny stuff.’ And I was like, ‘Um, thank you.'”

“He was like, ‘Yeah, it’s about this Black woman and her Black-woman problems. Hilarious,'” Rae shared. “And I was like, ‘That’s not what it’s about. But okay.'”

Issa recalled becoming frustrated when the clueless exec wouldn’t listen to her ideas:

“He was like, ‘Yeah, but you know, the Black audience, they want to see familiar faces. So, you might need to switch up the characters.’ And, mind you, he’s this executive that’s not Black telling me what Black people like. And it just became very clear to me that he didn’t get the show. And I remember just fuming in that meeting like, ‘Why does he get to tell me what gets to be on TV? Why does he get to tell me what people like me like to see? I’m here! I’m telling you what I want to see. I made it.'”

Look at how the tables turn.  Insecure was nominated at this years’ Emmy Awards for outstanding comedy and Rae snagged a nomination for lead actress in a comedy series. The story is just a reminder that anything is possible with determination and consistency. Rae is a living testament. We’re happy to see that the Emmy’s this year have made a huge stride in recognizing so many talented actors, directors, and filmmakers of color.



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