"Power" Fans REFUSE To Believe Ghost Is Really DEAD Dead

“Power” Fans REFUSE To Believe Ghost Is Really DEAD Dead

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Power Book II: Ghost assets

Source: STARZ

It’s been a week since Ghost’s closed-casket funeral on ‘Power Book II‘ where we saw who we believed to be James St. Patrick being laid to rest at a high-profile ceremony that attracted all the usual suspects including shameless slimeball Rashad Tate who served as a pallbearer for a photo op, of course.

But the lingering question STILL remained: Is Ghost REALLY dead–like, DEAD dead?

Welllll, according to Naturi Naughton, he’s very dead and not coming back:

“I hate to break it to you guys. I know many of our fans are like, ‘This is not, no, he’s going to come back, he’s going to be Ghost’, our show doesn’t do that – when people die, they really die,” revealed Naturi Naughton in an exclusive interview with DigitalSpy.

“I hope this is not a spoiler… I’ll just say that in this case Ghost doesn’t come back to life, he really is dead. I’m sorry,” she added.

This comes after the iconic character was shot and killed by his own son Tariq in a shocking scene played from multiple perspectives in a multi-part “Power” finale.

Power Book II: Ghost assets

Source: STARZ

Now, if you remember, Kanan (played by 50 Cent) returned to the series after seemingly being roasted crispy in a warehouse fire so there’s a slight glimmer of hope for anyone expecting Ghost to join hit spin-off “Power Book II.”

“I know the character of Ghost will sometimes be pushed back when I’m playing another role. I am more than one dimension. However, if someone calls me Ghost on the street that’s fine but I am not scared of this character to follow me. I did not quarantine my talent when I was playing Ghost. I did nine movies during that time,” said Omari Hardwick in an interview with Page Six.

Do you think Ghost is really dead? Would you want to see him return on “Power Book II?” Tell us in the comments and peep the Twitter chatter over Ghost NOT being dead on the flip.

“👻 not dead he chilling with Pac in Cuba” – a theory we can get behind

“When Ghost makes his come back mid season, I want an apology. Second episode -no autopsy, closed casket when he was shot in the chest, some unknown person paid for the funeral… GHOST IS NOT DEAD. He’ll make a come back like Kanan did.” – hmmmm

“I can’t believe Ghost is dead y’all better open this damn casket lemme see” – fair request

“Ima ask this EVERY EPISODE. So James Ghost St. Patrick is really dead? like dead dead!! Never coming back dead?” – yep, DEAD dead

“I got $200 on Ghost still Alive” – we’ll hold you to that

“Ghost isnt dead. He had a closed casket and nobody identified his body. he is with RAMONA. she would’ve been at his funeral scolding Tates a**. you heard it here first” – intriguing theory

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“I STILL can’t believe Ghost dead man Loudly crying faceWeary facehe’s too fine to be dead” – you knew it was coming

“When you watching #PowerGhost hoping that GHOST stillllll might be alive but you know he really ain’t.” – reality seems to be setting in

“Glad they killed off Ghost… I was tired of everyone wanting him dead & I was tired of him missing Angela’s dead a**” – there’s always one


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