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Wacky-hilarious-spooky-cheesy-’80s Horror-Comedy “Bad Hair” made its long-awaited Hulu premiere as the latest Black creative-driven project to stir up all sorts of hilarious shenanigans across the internet.

Bad Hair Key Art

Source: Hulu

Brought to life by a star-studded cast (Lena Waithe, Laverne Cox, Vanessa Williams, Jay Pharoah, Kelly Rowland, Blair Underwood, and Usher Raymond), the satirical psychological thriller centers around a dark-skinned dreamer from Compton named Anna who has everything she needs to succeed in the burgeoning music television field of 1989 Los Angeles–well, except for the right “look.”

Realizing this, she gets a sew-in weave to help her succeed in the image-obsessed world of music television but things, as you can see in the hilariously haunting trailer, swerve all the way left in the spookiest way imaginable.

“I think the movie is really all about not conforming to fit in but more about doing what makes sense for you and standing out,” said Waithe in an interview with PEOPLE.

Naturally, “Bad Hair” sparked a mega-company bidding war before eventually landing an $8 million worldwide rights deal with Hulu, according to Deadline.

“Like my first film, a satire called ‘Dear White People,’ which I’ve since spun off into a series for Netflix, I’m making this because I have much to say about the hidden costs and quiet personal deaths one feels when trying to thrive in a world not built with them in mind,” said writer/director Simien about his soon-to-be streaming success.

Waithe, who opened up her own production office back in September, has been on a roll currently with 4 series on air: BET’s Boomerang and Twenties which has been recently renewed for a fourth season, and Showtime’s The Chi as well as Quibi’s You Ain’t Got These series.

The Emmy Award-winning writer said she’s committed to helping others break into the industry.

“I want to hear from people. My mission is to provide a space for people to grow, while making work that people can look at and say, ‘That broke a barrier.’ “

Did you enjoy “Bad Hair?” Tell us why/why not in the comments and peep the funniest, wildest and craziest reactions to the hilariously cheesy Horror-Thriller on the flip.

“Okay so just one clip from #BadHair cause y’all wouldn’t believe me if I told you” – this movie is wilddddddd

“Anna after she left Virgie’s salon” – haaaaaaa

“I’m watching #BadHairHulu and it is a ride” – a wild, crazy, wacky, hilarious ride with extra cheese

“i want everyone in #badhair arrested” – *cackles*

“I know they don’t got Anna spending the rent money on weave” – oh but they did

“This weave killin errybody” – this pic tho

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“Lena and these damn wigs” – so many wigsssss

“This movie has me cackling one moment & terrified the next I love it!!” – it really is something

“Chileee what is this?!” – it’s definitely not for everybody

“I will definitely be praying over the hair before putting it in my head after this movie.” – biggest takeaway from the movie

“She didn’t wash or detangle her hair for this sew in” – yiiiikes

“So, I actually liked #BadHair It’s a satire movie and the message was portrayed very well. Yes, some scenes were kind of cheesy, but it was still good over all” – valid take

“Well that was ummmm… a movie” – this pretty much sums it up


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