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Doja Cat’s acting a LOT like an ornery ocelot and going IN on fans upset about her Halloween partying.

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Doja was one of several celebs who attended Kendall Jenner’s big ole 25th birthday bash that featured the birthday girl dressed as Pamela Anderson.

Other attendees included an X-Men themed Saweetie and Quavo

an amazingly Sherman Klump’d The Weekend…

and Kendall’s sister Kylie who dressed as a King Cobra.

Still, while other celebs are surely ignoring chatter from fans who are wondering why celebs are partying amid the pandemic, Doja Cat clapped back in a major way.

“Lol everyone’s mad at everyone” Doja wrote in the wee hours of the morning on Monday, November 2.

Her comments seemingly came after a fan reposted a video of Doja downplaying the virus. The video was shot before the rapper confirmed that she indeed did catch COVID-19 and before she apologized for the video.

“I’m gonna get corona and them I’m gonna get a Corona ’cause I don’t give a f*** about corona, b***! It’s a flu! I’m not scared, y’all are pu**y. Ya’ll are so scared about corona that I need a Corona.”

After that video and other comments started getting traction this week, Doja responded directly to fans.

When one asked Doja to take accountability for being irresponsible on Halloween she wrote;

“LMAO accountability for taking 4 different tests in one week !?!?!? B*tch get the f*ck outta here you f*ckin nerd.”

In another Doja told a fan to “STFU hag” and in another, she told a fan to “suck her f****g rod.”

“Sorry that you’re too lazy to get f*cking tested slob. […] “You can suck my f*cking rod if that’s what you meant to say.”

Oh, Doja…

First the “Dindu Nuffin”/alleged alt-right chat rooms business, and now THIS.


If it helps, Kris Jenner confirmed that everyone (we guess Doja included) was tested for COVID-19 prior to packing out the party.

“At Kendall’s everyone got tested before they walked in the door and they had to wait a half an hour until the results were in,” said Kris on SiriusXM’s “Andy Cohen Live,”  She also added that “everyone was tested … a few days before Halloween, so we were really responsible.”


What do YOU think about Doja Cat’s clap back to Halloween shade?



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