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Rich The Kid and Tori Brixx Enjoy Their Tulum Vacation

Source: Nathan James / Nathan James

With the election in full swing, both candidates are going for all the celebrity co-signs they can grab. We’ve seen The Rock endorse Biden/Harris after always staying out of politics and Eminem allowed Biden to use “Lose Yourself” for one of his last campaign ads. On the other side, we have Trump bringing one of the most unexpected choices ever, Lil Pump, to talk on stage.

According to Rich The Kid, he was also approached to be flown out courtesy of Trump, but unlike Pump, he passed. Rich declined the offer, stating, “I ain’t no sell out”. The rapper went on to share the text messages he received from the supposed campaign. The text promised he would meet billionaires and get put up in a hotel. This does sound like the process for a campaign flyout, even if the grammar in the messages is a bit questionable.

The message continues with promises of flying on Air Force 1 with Trump and even more, Lil Pump would be with them as well. Rich The Kid never accepted the offer, but this goes to show how critical this election is and how pop culture plays a big part in influencing the youth. Luckily, Rich was smarter than falling into the trap of political ploys, unlike Lil Wayne.

Other hip-hop offenders who have shown their support for the Cheeto in chief were 50 Cent and Ice Cube who was looking for Trump’s support to help implement his “Contract With Black America” plan.

What do YOU think about Trump reaching out to the Hip Hop community during his campaign? Did Rich The Kid do the right thing?


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