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Joe Biden is actually winning the race right now so we’re not sure what she was protesting but play on, playa.

Policier lors de la manifestation des "Gilets jaunes" acte 4 - Paris

Source: Francois LOCHON / Getty

People don’t really need a new reason to rail against the police in this country. For literally hundreds of years, they have been showing us who they are and in 2020 they’ve made themselves public enemy number #2 (behind Donald Trump) after a sickening string of unjust murders of innocent Black people.

That said, it isn’t really a surprise that people were in the streets of NYC getting spicy with police while the president propagates rumors that he’s being cheated. According to TMZ, a 24-year-old woman named Devina Singh can be seen in a viral video screaming in a cop’s face before digging deep within her soul and hocking a big, nasty, dripping loogie right in his face.

Obviously, that didn’t go over too well with the officer as he quickly snatched her off her feet and dragged her into handcuffs. The video is pretty f***ing intense. Check it out below.

There was also significant unrest in states like Oregon where the national guard was deployed to quell riots and looting.

Protestors took to the streets on Wednesday night in NYC and many other states following Trump’s outrageous demands for the court to stop counting votes in battleground states.

It’s crazy outside, y’all. Please be safe no matter where you live. Be aware of your surroundings. Some people will be looking for reasons to act up.

What are YOU doing to stay sane as we wait for the results to be announced?



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