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For as much as rappers sing about beaches and exotic vacations, you’d think they’d be better around water…

2004 Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party - Backstage and Audience

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Such is not the case and the proof is in the diving practice. Yesterday, Sean Combs took to Instagram to post a few videos of himself practicing how to dive into a pool. It’s bad, boy. So bad that we’ve watched it at LEAST fifty-leven times this morning and we’re still laughing.

God bless this brotha for trying to learn a new skill and for doing it in front of everybody but also LMFAOOOOOO.

Sean’s poolside hijinks reminded many social media users that his brother-from-another-mother, fellow hip-hop icon, and logographic namesake Jay-Z is also not very adept at land-to-water interfacing.

One thing we will say about Shawn and Sean is that they are very self-aware for men who have spent a greater part of the last 25 years bragging about their various talents and abilities. It may have flown over some heads that Jay-Z rapped about his swimming insecurity on the song “713” from The Carters joint album Everything Is Love, via Genius:

“My first time in the ocean went exactly as you’d expect, Meanwhile you goin’ hard, jumpin’ off the top deck, A leap of faith, I knew I was up next”

If you can’t respect that, your whole perspective is wack.



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