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The internet is running WILD with a (slightly believable) report that Jeezy and his wife-to-be Jeannie Mai pushed their wedding back to 2025 (yes, you read that right) in an eyebrow-raising development that we can neither confirm nor deny at this very moment.

First reported by MTO, the now widespread rumor exploded on Twitter courtesy of All About The Tea that racked up over 3,000 retweets after sending out the story.

According to the report, Jeezy wants to hold off on marriage.

“They’re engaged, so there’s no need to rush things,” an insider told MTO news. He added that the lovie dovie couple will, “probably [get married] in 2025 or something like that.”

Now, we can believe Jeezy saying something rapper-ish like this but is Jeannie actually going along with it? Ehh, we don’t know despite the source saying she’s actually cool with the delay, also side-eye at the “source” being MTO: “Yeah she’s cool. She’s not tripping over a wedding,” someone reportedly told the site.

Earlier this year, Jeannie revealed that she was “not even in that mode” to start planning a wedding and wouldn’t be walking down the aisle anytime soon while gushing about her engagement in an exclusive interview with ET.

“Honestly, right now that’s not at the top of our lists,” she said. “We’re so happy we’re able to celebrate an engagement right now. I feel like we got work to do, so when it comes to our individual work and our individual projects and the messaging we want to send to people, even the way that we use our Instagram, it’s really important right now to spread an energy of positivity and uniting one another than it is to be planning a wedding.”

At this point, all we can do is wait and see while Jeannie recovers from her recent health scare and Jeezy promotes his new album on the heels of his now-infamous Verzuz showdown with Gucci Mane.

Do you believe the happy couple pushed the wedding back to 2025? Tell us down below and peep the Twitter chitter-chatter over the viral report on the flip.

“you in the hood now baby!” – WELP

“2025? Waaay too early. Jeezy gotta slow down a lil bit” – just a smidge

“So Jeezy didn’t pay Shawty Redd, doesn’t own half of Atlanta, F*cked over Jodie Breeze and The Boys, bamboozled Jeannie Mai, and got Pookie Loc killed ? That’s y’all leader” – yiiikes

“Jeannie Mai saying she likes her “dark meat on the side”, only to ironically get engaged to jeezy, only for him to kick their wedding out to 2025😂. When non black women fetishize black men & get treated exactly how they treat BW, I’m just like “you got what you wanted babe” – welpity welppp

“Jeezy postponed him and Jeannie’s wedding til 2025. I think this is where she needs to take a break from being submissive and force some action cause.. AINT NO WAY fam” – we can see her saying enough is enough in 2023

“I already know Jeezy done told her “baby I want you to have the best wedding and we can’t do that in the middle of the pandemic” – you know he did

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“So Jeezy pushed his wedding to 2025….if you don’t wanna marry her just say that.

I could see a year or two…but 5? Nah” – hmmmm

“Jeezy meeting with Gucci for that Verzuz THIS YEAR but pushing his wedding to 2025 is HILARIOUS” – aw mannn

“Jeezy bout to make this a topic on his upcoming show with Jeannie as the first special guest” – oh it’s happening


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