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It’s been a rather eventful several months since Season 12 with some major additions and the major subtraction of Nene Leakes who left a noticeable void in last night’s premiere that delved into Porsha’s freedom fighter in the Black Lives Matter movement, Cynthia and Mike butting heads over that dream wedding and Kandi getting grown up Riley ready college.

If you’ve been following ALLL the offseason drama, you were probably let down by the lack of MESS in the episode that stirred up loud whispers about Nene’s absence that’s sure to be a weekly topic this season.

In a recent interview with Steve Harvey, Kandi touched on NeNe Leakes who announced her departure from RHOA Season 13. Naturally, Kandi didn’t have much to say about Nene’s decision not to film but she did admit that the longest-standing housewife was a “great addition” to the show.

“We don’t really talk…” – Kandi Burruss

“What’s your take on the whole situation?” – Steve Harvey

“I think in negotiations, sometimes we get what we want and sometimes we don’t get what we want and…when we don’t get what we want, we have to make the decision on if we want to part ways and I think [NeNe] made that decision for herself. She will be missed on the show for sure…I’m not trying to take anything from her. She was a great addition to the show. I guess right now she didn’t care to come back this season, for whatever reason.” – Kandi Burruss

You may recall NeNe and Kandi traded shade during the #RHOA virtual reunion when NeNe was asked about seemingly shading Kandi’s multiple spinoff shows. Prior to the reunion, NeNe wondered why certain housewives were continually getting spinoff shows over her. She claimed that she wasn’t talking about Kandi, but fans pointed out that Kandi has had SEVERAL including The Kandi Factory, Kandi’s Wedding, Kandi’s Ski Trip, Xscape: Still Kickin It, and Kandi Koated Knights.

Still, NeNe denied that she was shading “Kandi man” [her words] and said that “Kandi’s never been number one in anything she’s done.” “She’s number two,” said Linnethia.

With that in mind, Kandi let NeNe have it at the virtual #RHOA Reunion and clearly won the battle with this bar; “You been knowing me, and you’re gonna keep knowing me, I‘m embedded in her motherf***g brain, b***!”

Overall, last night’s premiere was a decent start to a question mark-filled season that miiiight need Nene more than Bravo is willing to admit.

How do you feel about the RHOA premiere? Did you miss Nene? Tell us down below and peep the funniest (and pettiest) tweets on the flip.

“The girls walking down to Kenya’s pool-in-progress is giving me flashbacks to Sheree at Moore Manor’s housewarming” – classssic

“ME every time Cynthia hits the screen” – SAME

“Marlo taking everyone’s temperature is reason #379 why she deserves a peach 😭” – Marlo was wylin

“Kenya is in this house stressed & depressed and Marc is somewhere switching out his nose ring.

Women have to learn to pick it up & move on because men certainly do.” – pettyyyy

“Riley listening to her parents about Block” – noooooo

“I’m having a hard time believing that’s Riley” – it’s been an adjustment

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“Cynthia struggling with those heels” – *cackles*

“That man never wanted Kenya. Everyone knew this but her. Bless.” – life can be so cruel

“Cynthia’s t*tties need a peach.” – we agree

“Porsha X Luther King!” – we stan

“Kandi: He texted me saying imma Broke B*tch…

Todd:” – welll…

“Kenya you been THE housewife without a husband for 12 out of 13 seasons. PLEASE” – oh noooo

“kenya getting no sympathy from ME” – it is what it is

“If I was Kandi and got told I’m acting like a broke bitch this would be my reply. Nothing more.” – welpity welpppp


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