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People, please, pay attention…

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Listen, we get that some people aren’t as quick on the uptake as others but surely you can do better than this. The machine launched into an uproar this morning as a clip of Cari & Jemele Stick To Sports made its rounds down the timeline.

On the upcoming episode that airs tomorrow night, the ladies spoke to the man who knocked Nate Robinson tf out in the big undercard bout before the Roy Jones versus Mike Tyson exhibition a couple of weeks ago, Jake Paul. At one point in the chat a chortling Jemele Hill asked Jake the following question:

“Considering where we are in our racial conversation in America, was what you did to Nate Robinson racist?” (with a playful chuckle and some sarcastic instigating by Cari Champion)

A sheepish Jake Paul coyly shook it off and the interview continued. It was pretty obvious that they were giving him a hard time as he has had a history of controversy for using the n-word on social media while singing songs among other things.

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An exasperated Cari Champion took to Twitter to further explain internet humor to the internet along with the video in question.


Jemele seconded Cari’s motion and slid in some well-timed promo so that those who were bothered can watch the interview for context. We won’t hold our breath for the hoteps and MAGAs to give Cari and Jemele and ratings bump but stranger things have happened.

Even if you didn’t laugh at the joke you damn sure should have known that they were joking.

Leading up to the above tweet, Jemele also shut down some of the Twitter naysayers, respectfully.

“It’s a late night talk show that comes on at 11:30p,” hill tweeted.” It ain’t supposed to be PBS. I also didn’t realize I wasn’t permitted to joke about race just because I also have the range to talk about it seriously.”

And here we are thinking that people have a well-rounded understanding of humor and trolling. Smh.


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