The Hottest #BussitChallenge Videos On The Internet

OnlyYams: The Hottest #BussitChallenge Videos On The Internet

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The only thing that matters (other than Jazzy Jeffing Trump out the White House) is the glorious #BussitChallenge inspired by Queen Bussette Erica Banks who’s shaking up the industry (literally) with her p-poppingly delicious twerk anthem-turned-viral obsession “Buss It.”

The 20-something Dallas diva deservedly inked a deal with Warner Records after signing to 1501 Certified Entertainment–the fastest-growing Independent label in the country responsible for Megan Thee Stallion.

“Some people got the look but not the sound. Some people got the sound but not the look,” she explains, “but with me having both, it makes people stop and pay attention to what I got going on.”

And now, only two years after uploading her first single “Talk My Sh*t” to Soundcloud, she’s poised to have a breakout 2021 off the strength of “Buss It” that caught the attention of Houston-based 1501 Certified Entertainment CEO/former MLB All-Star Carl Crawford.

The two connected one night when Crawford was going Live on Instagram and allowing new artists the opportunity to showcase their music.

“When Carl clicked on me for us to go Live together, I played my newest single ‘Buss It’ for him,” she recalled.

He liked it. A couple of weeks after the Live, he reached out to me and asked if I was signed to any other label. I told him no, and that’s when he decided to sign me to his team.

I was excited. I didn’t know what to expect. All of this was new for me. But I was definitely interested in what he had to talk about.”

Erica eventually traveled to Houston to sign the paperwork and the rest is history.

“Some of my music is rough but classy. Some days I make trap music. Some days I make love music. Some of it is flat out nasty,” she points out. “I do everything. I’m versatile. To put it plain and simple, I make turn-up music.”

Have you posted your “BussitChallenge video yet? If not, WHAT are you waiting for?? Tell us down below and peep the absolute BEST Bussits (so far) on the flip.

“y’all mind if i leave this here?” – thank you for your service

“Brought out the Megan knees today” – and we appreciate you

“emme tryyyyyy” – yasssssss

“My friend making me post this” – so glad she did

“These knees still got it” – whew, they doooo

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“i did one #BussItChallenge” – whew laaawd

“Holiday weight is no joke” – you look amazing, queen

It’s cool if you watched this multiple times. We did.

“I’d show my face on facetime” – ayeeeee

“My favourite video of the #BussItChallenge” – one of ours too, clearly

“Going shopping today shopping” – we love to see it

“Get it from my mama” – whew, and she got it from her mama

“The best #BussItChallenge” – the way that thang just…whew


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