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So… In case you were wondering about the latest news in KimYe’s divorce, it appears that while Kim Kardashian is in no rush to pull the plug, sources say it’s just a matter of time.

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The “shocking news” that the Wests will split any day now has people on the lookout for a divorce filing soon, but multiple source confirm to PEOPLE that Kim Kardashian is struggling over whether to end her marriage after enduring some of the lowest points in her relationship in 2020.

“Kim and Kanye’s marriage is beyond repair,” says a family source. “Kim is over Kanye’s chaos, and at this point she just wants to focus on the kids and her own life.”

As we’ve previously reported, those close to the couple say 40-year-old Kardashian reached a breaking point when her musician hubby went off the rails while campaigning to become President, publicly embarrassing her family with his comments and tweets about abortion, their marriage and his mother-in-law Kris Jenner.

“If I had to say the final straw, I believe it was a combination of the Presidential run and his Twitter rants,” says an insider. “It created havoc at home. And though Kim is well aware of his issues [West opened up about his bipolar disorder in 2018], and tried to help him, she realized it was futile.”

Yea… We’re not sure if we would want to stay married after that either. At this point in time though, the bigger picture seems to be that the couple many believed were made for each other have grown incompatible.

“they are not on the same page,” says the source of Kardashian and West. “Kim knows what she wants to do with her life and Kanye is constantly all over the place.”

Continues the source: “She isn’t in a rush to file for divorce. But it is on her mind.”

The tension amidst the couple’s divorce surged after rumors of Kanye allegedly sleeping with Youtuber Jeffree Star surfaced last week. Star was quick to shut down the rumors, admitting during his most recent VLOG that he has never met Kanye in person despite them both living in Wyoming.

“Some girl made up a whole lie on TikTok it went viral where she insinuates Kanye and Kim are getting divorced because a big male beauty influencer is sleeping with him,” Jeffree explained to over 17 million followers on Youtube.

“Let me say this one time for any news outlet, I like very tall men, me and Kanye have never hung out and this whole thing is really funny.”

The rumor is said to stem from TikTok influencer Ava Louise who claimed that she along with “people in the scene” knew for “a while” about Kanye’s alleged affair with Star.

Kim has since issued a cease and desist to Ava and social media influencer Cole Carrigan who apologized for spreading a rumor that he slept with Kanye back in November.

Divorce on her mind definitely doesn’t sound as imminent as reports were making it seem a few weeks ago. Do you think it’s possible they can push through?


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