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Two #RHOA newbies clearly aren’t seeing eye to eye and shade is ensuing.

Falynn Guobadia & LaToya Ali

Source: Bravo / Bravo TV

If you’ve been watching season 13 then you’ve surely seen the moment when new “Friend Of The Show” Falynn Guobadia met fellow new “Friend Of The Show” LaToya Ali at the BLM party Porsha Williams’ sister threw for her.

During the party, an icy LaToya asked Falynn about her husband Simon and when Falynn who’s in her early 30s revealed that her husband was 56-years-old, LaToya remarked; “Yeah, yeah I knew that […] Because you look like you date older men with money.”




Since then we haven’t seen much interaction between the two on the show but apparently, there’s more drama to come. Housewife Kandi recently remarked on Watch What Happens Live that LaToya “did something worse to Falynn than she did to Drew [Sidora]”, who LaToya’s constantly shaded.

Falynn is clearly none too pleased by the forthcoming drama because, in a recent interview with Up And Adam, Falynn shaded LaToya and other people concerned about the age gap in her marriage.

According to Falynn whose been with her hubby for four years and happily married since 2019, she used to be offended by comments like LaToya’s but she’s over it, and “surface people” don’t bother her.

“It was beyond crazy,” said the mom of three boys to Up And Adam. “The old me would have probably responded in a crazy way but, you know it’s nothing I haven’t heard before.

Simon is the fist man I’ve ever even dated who was much older than me, let alone marry. You can’t help who God has set up for you, you can’t help who you fall in love with, Simon and I make a perfect duo.”

“I’m a boss,” Falynn added. “I am a very independent woman. I have been through the grunge in life, and I survived. Naturally, when I meet a man of a certain stature, that’s going to be attractive to a very secure man. So, people who don’t necessarily understand that, it used to be offensive. … They’re just surface people. They can’t see anything beyond the surface.


Falynn also sent LaToya shade over her marriage to Adam Ali. As previously reported the two are currently separated and she believes that means she can openly date.

Falynn told Up And Adam that she could’ve introduced LaToya to someone new if the #RHOA newbie were more positive.

“I think most of us know why she is so unhappy,” said Falynn.”It’s not like she hides her life. We can all see the type of person she is. They have been very public and open about their issues within their relationship. Even for her, I wish her the best of luck in life and I truly hope she finds what it is that I have. Because clearly, she wants what I have. Had she come with a more openness and love and positivity about her, I probably could’ve introduced her to someone she was more ready for but it doesn’t seem as though she too much loves herself.”


Interestingly enough, LaToya caught wind of Falynn’s comments and he sent her some shade; shade that didn’t go quite as she planned.

Hit the flip for that.


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