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Covid-19 Stimulus

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Despite the fact that Republicans wanted to leave the American people hanging in the midst of an unemployment crisis, the efforts of Black women to get Democrats elected into the White House and Senate are bearing fruit BIG time. Just hours ago, the House passed President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion, with a “t”, COVID-19 stimulus relief bill.

According to CNBC, under this bill, those who earn less than $75,000 per year and file as “single” on their taxes will receive $1400 as will head of households earning less than $112,500. Married couples earning less than $150,000 will be allotted $2800 and if they have children they will be given $1400 per child. Additionally, the bill provides an extra $300 per week for those who are currently on unemployment. If your household previously earned under $150,000, then the first $10,200 of unemployment payments will be tax-free. For those families facing food shortages, food stamps will be increased 15% through September as opposed to ending completely in June. $20 billion will be sent to state and local governments to help low-income families pay their back rent. $5 billion will be issued to states to establish socially distant housing for the homeless and another $5 billion will be spent on emergency housing vouchers for those folks. There’s a lot more money built into this groundbreaking legislation and we highly suggest you do your Googles and read everything that it includes so that you can calculate how much you qualify for.

Here’s the part where you ask, “Aight bet so when I’ma get that?”

Well, President Biden is expected to sign the bill into law on Friday and then the faucet of first aid finances will begin to flow freely into the hands of millions of tax-paying citizens. It’s hard to say EXACTLY what that date is but based on the timetable of the last two stimulus rounds, those who file taxes electronically and got refunds via direct deposit should see their bread in the next week or two. If you filed paper or haven’t filed at all, you’re just gonna have to wait for routing number Jesus to sprinkle you. We don’t know what to tell you.


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