MORE Hilariously Petty Reactions To Saweetie & Quavo's Breakup

MORE Hilariously Petty Reactions To Saweetie & Quavo’s Breakup

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What would Offset do?

Everyone’s STILL buzzing over Saweetie and Quavo’s medium spicy breakup after the snack-snarfing baddie announced that she’s single while hinting that her ex-Migos mister cheated with an unknown woman.

Rumors swirled after Saweetie fans noticed she unfollowed her glacier bae on Instagram prompting loud whispers about the couple’s shaky relationship status that was officially confirmed today.

For hours, fans speculated over whether her appearance on Justin’s LaBoy’s spicy “Respectfully” show with ex-Justin Combs caused the tragic split.

Saweetie and Justin apparently dated in the summer of 2016 when the “My Type” rapper was still a student at USC in California.

In the now-viral clip from “Respectfully,” Saweetie and Justin appear to flirt in a way that suggested they still had feelings for each other/unresolved issues.

Saweetie gloated about being a “faithful” Cancer to which Justin agreed by saying Cancers “know how to treat people” while attempting to make eye contact.

It was CLEAR they were talking about each other in the slightly awkward clip that immediately made its rounds across social media.

Saweetie eventually broke the ice by suggesting everyone take a shot.

At one point, she was asked if she would partake in a threesome with her man if he was doing everything right in the relationship and her response was definitely not something Quavo would’ve wanted to hear.

As of right now, we don’t know exactly why things ended but it’s clear this is only the beginning of a messy saga that continued when a now-debunked rumor about Quavo taking his gifted Bentley back from Saweetie spilled onto social media.

After everything that’s happened, are you Team Quavo or Team Saweetie? Tell us down below and peep MORE hilariously petty reactions on the flip.

“Saweetie dippin a zebra cake in some Italian dressin right now ignoring Quavo text” – *falls down stairs*

“My baby saweetie ain’t need no washed up boy band member anyway. Grown ass man screaming dab” – oh noooo

“Saweetie said take care, Quavo read take car” – *cackles*

“It Was At This Point I Knew Saweetie Was Over Quavo” – no, but seriously

“saweetie: “take care”

Quavo: “bet, imma need that Bentley back” – accurate

“Quavo after Saweetie made hot cheeto noodles for dinner 3 nights in a row” – skressful

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“Quavo: *collects the Bentley he bought for Saweetie*

The last chain he bought for her:” – this meme tho

“Quavo was residing in other women’s bed while the girls on here were saying goals cause him and Saweetie shared a bag of hot chips” – ah man, not a bag of hot chips

“Quavo is so immature , how can he pick back the “Bentley” he gifted Saweetie for Christmas . Me I would never pick it back if I broke up with someone I gifted” – this piccccc


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